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Funny how your current projects will push you to get really old items off your to-do list. In this case, it was finally replacing my wheelbarrow’s always-flat tire with a universal, no-flat version.

how to repair a wheelbarrow flat tire
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Every year, I have had to re-inflate this tire. Then I get overzealous and weight it down too much or leave it without use for too long, and I come back to a flat tire. After the backyard sinkhole project, I faced another flat yet again. But enough was enough. I had a whole driveway of dirt to scrape off (my talent on the backhoe did not extend to being able to get every little speck off on its own), so things needed to happen asap before rain starts washing everything into my garage!

driveway filled with dirt


1. Remove the old wheel

how to repair a wheelbarrow flat tire

Getting the old wheel off proved to be easier than I expected (why do I wait so long to do this simple crap?). I loosened up the hex nuts with some simple pliers and was able to get them the rest of the way by hand.

unscrew bolts to release old tire

unscrew wheelbarrow bolts to release tire


2. Keep track of small pieces

Once the wheel was off, I carefully placed things aside… or into the dirt, whatever. Point is, I didn’t want to suddenly need a piece and find it missing, so I put everything in one spot and took a picture for reference just in case (sometimes, remembering that you need to take pictures for the blog comes in handy!).

put aside parts

I snapped off the labels of the new tire before taking this picture, but here is the info on the tire. I went with a “universal fit” flat-free one that is supposed to “fit most wheelbarrows and lawn equipment”. Yeah… about that…

universal fit flat-free tire


3. Mount the new tire in place

adding new universal flat free tire to wheelbarrow

The new wheel kit came with extra pieces to fit on either side of the new wheel, which keeps it from slipping around. It’s kind of one of those things where you might wind up with extra pieces you aren’t sure you need, but you just have to keep trying until the wheel seems centered from either side.


4. Make sure there is clearance

In full disclosure, my new tire was a tiny bit larger than the existing one, and for a minute, I thought I was going to have to go back to the store cursing, “fits most wheelbarrows my ass.” But once I adjusted the front piece (which was off-kilter already for whatever reason), things worked out just fine… but barely.

new universal tire clearance

And now, I have a tire that won’t go flat while I’m filling it with load after load of dirt. I’m decidedly less excited about this part as I was when it first arrived, I have to say.

universal tire wheelbarrow full of dirt

I guess sometimes to do the big things, you’ve got to do the little ones. What are you accomplishing this week?

sometimes to do the big things youve got to do the little ones

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One Comment

  1. Well, starting today, my big project for the week is to clean my garage. It is way, way overdue and my daughter–the neat one–is leaning on me hard and threatening to call the junk truck to haul the contents away! She is living with me at present and since I don’t have a car she wants to put hers in
    the garage this winter. Now, I’ve lived in this house for thirty years plus and not one winter has that garage had a car in it! I’m afraid it could fall down from shock if she gets hers in! But the cleaning and clearing needs to be done, so I’m kind of excited to tackle it. I did a good amount today and have a loose plan for what to tackle tomorrow, weather permitting.

    So, that’s it. Oh, did I mention that this garage is a two and a half car garage? Room for quite a bit of junk!

    Hope your week is productive–or not. Which ever way you prefer. Looking forward to your next installment.