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Ok, so I intended on the next thing I published to be a post about my recent wackadoo experience with a territorial squirrel in my attic, but it turns out that recapping a weeks-long battle with fluffy rats is a lot longer of a story than I thought.

squirrels are assholes

It’s coming… I just need a break from writing it to share this:

Not sure how my cabinets look this off-kilter from a simple mobile snap, but there it is.


I’ve been working on it for a really long time, but as we all know, I’ve had to remove wallpaper and skim coat a lot of walls in this house. And after so many rooms needing the same treatment, I’ve just plain lost some of that mojo and repeatedly picked up the project only to put it on hold again (of which, I’m a gold medal-winning procrastinator).* I’ve also had to revert to hand sanding the upper wall area since the one drawback from my super awesome wall sanding kit is that it doesn’t like tight spaces so much. Go figure.

Anyway, this means that as of tonight, I’m painting my pantry wall. I’ve finished the joint compound steps (on all but one wall)! And the sanding steps! And the primer! I might be able to paint more than just my pantry wall depending on how far the paint sample stretches (I’m guessing not much further, but I learned a long time ago not to buy a gallon without trying a tester first. Unless you feel like ignoring that advice and just going for it. Or you’re pressed for time. Or a million other reasons, but the point is I’m saying you should test out the color first if you don’t like wasting money on gallons of bad paint).

It’s currently 11ish PM, and I’m still planning on painting this evening. I’m sure that’s weird for most people, but after putting this off for so long, making progress like this is better than warm milk. More soon!


*Not actually a thing. But if it were, I would win gold.

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  1. That squirrel picture made me laugh sooo hard. I’m looking forward to seeing the kitchen pictures. I”m hoping that it will motivate me to finally attack the wallpaper horror that was left behind the old vanity in my powder room. Some of it is covered, but as I may be hosting the holidays, it needs to get done (or in my family a really good story about WHY it isn’t done would do.) I, too, have an asshole squirrel tale. You don’t need details; it’s fairly traumatic for me still, but it didn’t end well for the squirrel.

  2. I am so envious that your body actually is able to comprehend painting after 11pm. I’ve finally learned to always get a sample of paint (after purchasing a 5 gallon bucket of paint that turned out to be a disgusting color). And hey, now I use the samples for other small craft projects!

  3. Heh – I can identify when it comes to arguments with squirrels. After calling a pest control company and getting them blocked from my attic one of them proceeded to tear up the screens on my upper windows in an attempt to get back in. Fun. NOT.

    Looking forward to the kitchen progress!

  4. The photo at the start of the post got me laughing so hard Sarah, it was hard to have good comprehension of what your main topic was / painting walls and kitchen cabinets :) Yep, rats in the attic would be ever wear on ones minds, kinda like bats in your belfry only somewhat worse cause from time to time you prolly hear the furry brown rats. In the opening photo I can tell your relations with them have elevated to a rather personal level in that your have individual names for them now – the photogenic one posing being, ASSHOLE. In time, it can get to where Hav-a-Heart > as in Hav-a-Heart live trap isn’t at the top of this list of ways to exterminate them. I’m sure they feel…we were here first hmmph! Sorry, kinda rambled a bit because I deal with them daily at my little slice of heaven.
    Your kitchen is looking good, I’ve always liked the clean look of white with the modern look of steel when it comes to appliances and such. It sounds like you indeed had a large amount of preparation time intensive work before you could get ready to paint. This test paint you spoke of must be rather new, last house I remodeled and painted in we always just brought a color sample on paper home, held it up on the wall in different places and decided which one you liked and bought the paint. Then took the gallons home and put it all into seal-able 5 gal.plastic buckets mixing and painting. The idea of being able to actually take a bit of paint home and paint some to test before you buy does sound great.
    Looking great! Look forward to finished kitchen photos and more squirrel adventures and how your remedies are working and what you’ve tried.
    best wishes

  5. Other people want try so hard to attract squirrels to their backyard without any success… that’s the irony of life… Haha.. The kitchen progress is impressive. Can’t wait to see everything completed.