modern hallway lighting picks for under 200

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With the primary bedroom makeover underway, I’m considering a new pendant light for the hallway that matches the black trim. In today’s post, I’m sharing some stylish hallway light options for under $200.

modern hallway lighting picks for under 200

As you guys already might know from my last primary bedroom update, the main area of the bedroom connects to the primary bath and closet with a separate narrow hallway. When I first moved in, the ceiling light was your typical white globe/gumball style, which I updated on the cheap to a schoolhouse style shade a few years ago (you can buy new shades for under $10 at Lowe’s and Home Depot in the lighting area and just swap them out without having to rewire a new fixture — neat, right? Kind of a halfway option if you don’t want to mess with electrical).

Schoolhouse style light fixture in hallway

If I’m honest with myself, it’s a perfectly fine light and doesn’t rank very high on my list of priorities to replace. But, I do love the idea of putting in something on the funky side, especially since I chose a black ceiling fan instead of a dramatic chandelier for the main ceiling light. It would really be the only light fixture in the room where I could have a little fun, so why not splurge a little? Maybe?

To help make my decision, I’ve created a roundup of some industrial- and modern-inspired lighting options that are still reasonably priced. These are on the small side, so you’d likely find them in a store display for an entryway or kitchen pendant. Many of these come in multiple finishes, but I’m inclined to continue the black accent idea (for more contrast) rather than try to blend it into the ceiling. Which one would you pick? Or would you not switch it up at all and spend the money elsewhere?

Shop My Hallway Lighting Picks Under $200

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  1. I’d spray the base of the old fixture black to match the fan and move on, unless a new light fixture really sung in it’s difference. Maneuvering tall things in/out is a concern for me in areas like this. I’d go with a recessed LED fixture. They make ones now that you can place the housing in the drywall (and ok to touch insulation if it’s there) and no attic adventures required. The worries on that is, the stipple ceiling will not let the fixture sit nicely. It will take some work to sand/smooth the edge to prep/install. Then a future swap is more difficult since you’d have cut a larger diameter hole in the ceiling already.

    1. I’ve definitely dealt with the ceiling many a time, so I think I’m good with patching, but it’s been pretty rare that I’ve had to when swapping out other light fixtures before! But all good things to think about!

  2. Not sure I’d put something with too much of a cord. I don’t feel like you have that much space. Personally I like the style of the LNC Square Pendant but would still lean towards a semi flush mount

  3. Nah!! I’d paint the gold black and move on to something bigger and better. Spending even $100 on a hallway light is a waste of money in my book. ;-)

    1. Fair! I’ve been considering painting the base and switching out the shade if I find a good one (which seems to be more of a challenge than a whole new fixture, but would probably be cheaper if I found it).

    1. I love Kelly’s light! It’s definitely a possibility, or some other DIY option could be really cool! But I agree, at the LEAST I think the base needs to be painted and maybe switch out the shade.