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The primary bedroom has three light fixtures: the one in the middle of the room, a hallway light, and another fixture in the closet.
Each of these fixtures are in desperate need of some personality. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Main Light Fixture

When I first bought the house, nearly every single room had a ceiling fan. They were heavy, nearly caked over with dust, and outdated – much like the rest of the previous homeowner’s original design.

Ask yourself: Would you have bought this like I did?

Almost all of them had to go, but the ceiling fan in the primary bedroom remained in its place for nearly a year (due to the fact that it was the most functional in the Georgia heat and in a room that was used more often than any other). What wasn’t functional about the room was the light switch along the wall – which would turn a lamp on or off, but was not connected overhead to the ceiling fan. Ultimately, when my handy-hero uncle came to visit in November of 2010, I had him rewire all of the bedrooms upstairs to connect their corresponding switches to their overhead lights.

It was lucky that I had him look at the electrical in each room. The wires that connected the big, heavy ceiling fan in the primary bedroom were supposed to be braced with an electrical box suited for the weight of the fixture. Instead, the builders installed the box into the other two rooms (which of course was good news) but the third box was left aside – almost as if the electrician had every intention of installing it, but then forgot. Was that the moment he went on break? Did he run out of screws? I’ll never know, but there it sat for 28 years, the live wire directly lying against the wood in the attic.

Thanks to my uncle, one major problem was successfully solved. The box was installed and it made sense to go ahead and remove the fan since we weren’t planning on keeping it. But having no light fixture picked out to replace it yet, my uncle was forced to install The Fixture of Doom:  the boob light.

For the last year, the boob light has been staring me down every morning when I wake up and again when I go to sleep. The day is quickly approaching where this nipple-possessing light fixture will have worn out its perversely suggestive welcome.

But unlike the cheapo $6 boob light, a great-looking light fixture might cost a few hundred bucks. The front runner for its replacement? This sexy beast:

Alita pendant light – $283.80

Hall Fixture

The hall light fixture is simple a bubble gum ball light with zero pizazz.

(before new carpet)

I actually don’t think it’s all that terrible, but part of me thinks a can light that’s flush with the ceiling might look  a little better. My only concern though is whether or not the cast of a recessed light (which casts light in more of an A-line shape) will be worse than the cast of the bubble fixture (which is more of a round glow).

Primary Closet Fixture

The primary closet fixture is just as ugly – the boob twin!

But thankfully, my choice for the primary bedroom’s largest light also has a petite cousin (perfect for closets of this size):

Alita mini pendant – $118.99

Here’s a picture for scale:

Of course, there are several other things vying for the next purchase in my limited budget, so chances are these fixtures will have to wait a little while. But I think the brass coloring is a great warm accent for the gray, white and cream that already exists in the room. What say you? Are you on the hunt for lighting lately? Share your finds!

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  1. Love the lights you proposed! They have kind of a funky industrial feel that will add some spunk to the room. I like the idea of the matching closet light but I'm not sure it would put out enough light for a closet. I'm picking out our closet lights right now and I'm learning you need a lot of light (similar to task lighting levels) and you need it high in the space so you can see those upper shelves. Everyone keeps telling me to use those ugly kitchen florescent light boxes but I'm refusing to us those!

  2. I totally have the bubble gum light in my closet. I've talked the hubbs into letting me get an IKEA chandelier at the savvy cost of $35 and he's going to install it in my closet. Squeeeeee!

  3. I just bought that drum pendant for my dining area & I love it! The metal finish is what they consider to be a champagne – kind of a mix of gold & silver so it would mix well with both (I have brushed nickel as most of finishes). Do shop around because I was able to get a contractor's rate locally at a fixture showroom locally instead of buying online – it was 214.00 before tax :) I could send you a pic of what it looks like in the real world if you would like. I just found your blog – looking forward to checking it all out.