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While the rest of the country might be fighting off a few snow drifts this week, Atlanta is currently drenched in rain (ok, so it’s not snow, but the rain is really really cold, so we didn’t get off that easily). The added humidity is an interruption for some of my other projects going on right now, but it’s given me time to tackle some decorative items as I unclutter the living room (and put up some holiday decorations, the first in about 3 years!). But for today, I wanted to share the latest addition to the house – a new print for the entryway.

Oh, for frig’s sake. Why do I never notice that the hallway bathroom door still isn’t painted until it winds up in a photo? Ugh. #slackerprojects

Guess I’ll have to rely on an artfully cropped photo. That’s better.

I can’t even tell you how irritated I was wrestling this print into an old RIBBA frame (which I mistook for black, but is in fact dark gray). Why do those darn frame prongs on the back always bend when they’re not supposed to? I also hated the mat that the frame came with, so I flipped it over and laid the print on top. I kind of like the way the grayish backing looks against the white print (my intentions are to frame it a little better eventually, but this was just perfect enough for me to call it done for now). Unfussy and looks like I tried. Good enough.

The print is called Peahen, and it’s from a new (to me) print shop called Project Art Shack. It’s funky in all the right ways, and I’m starting to think that the reason I picked it was because of the hat; it reminds me of a drink umbrella. And I just love the smirk on her face.

Here’s the best part though: Project Art Shack wants to give away a print to one of you readers as well!


Their collection of contemporary prints are usually limited edition, just 200 prints available per piece (making your home all the more unique once they’re gone). Here are a few of my favorites from their current collection:

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

But enough of that; onto the giveaway! And since you know I like to keep it simple, here are the details (UPDATE!):

  • What you win: one limited edition print from Project Art Shack (sizes up to 16″ x 20″ or 16″ x 16″ with square prints)
  • Number of winners: 1
  • Contest ends: Friday, November 21st at 11:59 PM
  • Eligibility: Ships to U.S. and Canada only
  • How to enter: I’m using Rafflecopter to run this giveaway (just because it makes things a lot easier to pick a winner), and per the usual, let’s try to make these entry comments fun to read for everyone involved (especially me): Have you ever bought decor for your home just because it made you laugh? What was it?

Good luck!

P.S. Don’t want to wait for the giveaway to end, or want more than one piece? Project Art Shack is also offering a huge discount code of 30% off of anythng $200 or more if you use the code DUCKLINGART. That’s the highest discount ever offered from one of my giveaways!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: This post and giveaway is sponsored by Project Art Shack. While I have been compensated for my time, all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. Occasionly I buy things just because. One was a ceramic turtle. He is not particularly funny but he makes me chuckle, especially when others ask me why?

  2. Yes, inflatable wings to hang on my son’s bedroom wall. I like unusual things that can be used in unexpected ways. Lol

  3. I didn’t buy the piece of decor but I allowed it to stay with me. It was a pink metal flamingo that bobbed up and down because the legs were a spring. It always puts a smile on my face when I see it. It’s so ridiculous .

  4. I recently bought one of those super popular right now signs but it made me smile and think of my puppy. It says “I Woof you”.

  5. I bought a rather phalic sculpture in peru that made me giggle. It’s proud on display on my travel shelf. :)

  6. I didn’t buy it, but a friend of mine made me a picture of a mermaid with a memorable, but kinda crass, quote from an episode of This American Life. I love it and still have it up in my bedroom.

  7. My daughter-in-law is an artist and she made little ceramic babies that were so cute that I had to buy two. I smile every time I look at them.

  8. I bought a “smile” print with a camera on it. My husband rolled his eyes because he didn’t think I needed a reminder to take more pictures, but it made me actually smile =)

  9. I can’t recall anything I bought just because it made me laugh but I do have a glass bowl my sister-in-law gave to us that I refuse to give up even though it doesn’t match anything in my house because it makes for a funny bonnet prop sometimes.

  10. I have! I have a large giclée of a zebra just standing still IN A JUNGLE that cracks me up. It lives in my dining room and is definitely a conversation piece.

  11. I love all things animal related, I have a print of a dapper sloth drinking a beer hanging in the kitchen and I just love it, makes me smile.

  12. I have to say, a large percentage of my thrift store purchases are because they make me giggle! I have an art wall in my den that is composed primarily of silly artwork:

    I particularly love goofy handmade art, like the scuba mask picture on the far left, or the tiny angry cat pen drawing. I recently replaced the two pictures in the center with a wooden board that has a painting of a raccoon perched in a tree holding some red berries. It’s hilarious, but also neat because it’s handmade.

  13. oh i love that!
    it is SOOOO stylish and pretty! :)
    i bought this blanket that has a cheetah face on it because i wanted to be wrapped in a cheetah.
    WHO DOES THAT?! haha.

  14. I have not. But my grandma is notorious for doing this. One time she bought a singing and dancing plant and put it with the rest of her normal plants, because the thought of this robot plant singing to its new neighbors made her giggle.

  15. I haven’t bought anything that makes me laughter, but I have bought a fox cookie jar because I knew my kids would love it.

    1. Congrats, Sarah! Rafflecopter randomly picked YOU as the winner of the giveaway! Be on the lookout for an email.

  16. I have a very weird painted ceramic bunny that I keep around because it makes me laugh. My best friend gave it to me for a birthday gift when we were really little. My husband hates it, and in fairness it is kinda freaky looking, but I pull it out for Easter every year anyway.

  17. Definitely! It was a plastic dinosaur that I thought would look hilarious with a bow tie, sitting on my desk. It totally does.

  18. I like to buy little ceramic animals (like no bigger than your thumb) and place them in inconspicuous places. You almost don’t notice they are there (but I know!). I have a three legged pig sitting next to my TV, no one notices the little guy unless they sit in the chair right next to my TV stand though… and it amuses them, which in turn amuses me! :)

  19. I can’t say that I bought it because it made me laugh but it has served that purpose since. I have several of those large wooden forks that you used to see hanging in people’s houses in the 70s. It started as a memory of my grandmother and now is a joke to see how many I can acquire. They are definitely a conversation piece because everyone thinks I’m crazy for wanting to display them.

  20. i have a turquoise origami crane napkin holder, and a USB hub shaped like a dog (both from target) because they just made me too happy to pass up :)

  21. I once purchased a cookie jar shaped like an egg car with a chicken driving. It still makes me smile.

  22. I bought a ghost pinata from Target this Halloween. I fully intend to never whack the cute little thing. He’s just got this smirk that makes me smile.

  23. After reading the comments, I’d have to go with my grandma’s favorite holiday tradition: Kermit the frog as a tree topper. She was sick of trying to pick something etc and just threw a stuffed animal up there one year…and it stuck for the next 20!

  24. I work in theatre and a few years ago worked on a production of “My Name is Asher Lev”. The set had hundreds of large-scale painted canvases (we’re talking 4’x6′ and larger) that were just going to be thrown away during strike. A few of my colleagues and I decided that we wanted to save a few of the canvases from the dump. I have one hanging in my dining room that I LOVE (it’s abstract with pink and yellow, it’s gorgeous) and my BFF still has hers in her living room. Her canvas made the trip from DC to Boston to Ontario and still is a major focal point in her home.

  25. I have totally bought some art that made me laugh- I bought a fat white cat carved from a gourd, just because it was so silly looking. That thing moved with me throughout college, but in the end, it creeped my (now) husband out too much and we ended up getting rid of it. I still miss that cat though :)

  26. Since I am still working on art for EVERY space other than my sons room – no. But I love the idea of picking art for that reason! It’s way less pressure than trying to pick something with meaning :)

  27. I found an embroidered framed phrase at an antique store that makes me chuckle, even though it isn’t very nice to my guests!

  28. I bought a few postcards at the Edvard Munch museum because I though they were interesting – one of nudes kissing and one of an old man – people always laugh at comment on them! I like to have things on the walls that interest people and encourage conversation.

  29. I have a goofy moose statue, It’s sitting on it’s rump with a wonderful funny expression on it’s face. It’s also an original, handmade and signed by the artist.

  30. The print you chose is adorable. I collect paintings of women, and four or six would look really good with my other gals.

    1. Have you seen stuff from Clare Elsaesser? I’ve got several of her prints and one original that I just picked up last month (yet to hang or share it yet, not sure where it’s going!).

  31. Well, I didn’t buy it per se, (unless you count preschool tuition), but I hung an art project by my youngest up in our master bedroom. The colors are awesome, and from the front, it’s just an innocent piece of cute kid art. BUT. From one angle it looks like lady bits, and from another, you can see manly danglies. I laughed my ass off the first time my husband saw it out the corner of his eye – he about choked! That picture makes me giggle every time I walk in the room.

  32. I love the Road Trip print.

    And yes, I have purchased home decor just because it make me laugh. It’s a sign that goes in the bathroom that states the time limit is 5 minutes, but if you’re reading material is more interesting (i.e. Playboy) the limit is 7-10 minutes. (It’s more eloquent than that, but my husband’s friends get a kick out of it!)

  33. does it count that almost everything decorating our house has an inside story that makes my husband and i giggle… its not the item per say but usually the story behind where the item came from… like our Mayan statues that we bought on the side of the road in Mexico a year before our wedding, we kept going round and round with the lovely lady selling them that NO we did not in fact what a fertility god… makes me laugh every time i look at them (and give them a slight side eye b/c i can’t say for sure they’re NOT fertility gods…)

  34. i buy stuff because it makes me laugh ALL THE TIME. good thing i’m still relatively young and have a house with a very playful vibe! i have a pillow on a chair in my bedroom that says “fuck perfect.” so true and funny at the same time. i framed a postcard that says “always be yourself. unless you can be a unicorn. then always be a unicorn.” my house is full of quirky things.

    1. I LOVE that phrase, “fuck perfect” – and I have seen a variation of the unicorn one that uses Batman instead. Always be Batman.

  35. I bought a picture of a cat that I thought looked like my old cat, it made me laugh because it looked goofy, but reminded me of old Toby.

  36. No, but the print you bought makes me laugh/smile (in a good way), so I would totally buy that for my house. But winning it would be better. :)

  37. I love to buy original art that makes me smile. I buy most from thrift shops or flea markets. I have a number of plaster animal heads that look a bit out of place but make me laugh

  38. I bought that sloth print that says, “Nap all day, Sleep all night, Party Never” and it makes me laugh consistently every time I see it;)

  39. I haven’t bought anything for the house just because it makes me laugh, but now I want to!

  40. More smile, than laugh. I have a white ceramic cow that I love because I used to collect cow things in middle school (that were mostly gaudy and hideous) but the white ceramic cow is a classier version of an old favorite.

  41. I love the print you picked. The black and white with a pop of color is beautiful. I’m headed to Project Art Shack now to see what else I love!

  42. I cannot think of a home decor item that I bought that makes me laugh, but I am constantly buying my dog random funny toys (and she tends to leave them all over my house). Does that count?? :)

    1. Totally counts. My dog “decorates” the house with tumbleweeds of fur at an alarming rate.

  43. Totally off topic but are you moving or can you work remotely? Well, I guess you have been but I mean permanently.

    1. I work remotely & I’ve actually written a HUGE update to the moving post, which should go up on Friday. So, funny you should ask :)

  44. LOVE the print!

    I have some Gennine Zlatkis prints that give me a smile – my favorite is five birdies, standing in a stack on one another’s backs. We have five in our family, so I think of it as a portrait of us :)

    The funniest art is still in progress, though. I decided our master bedroom needed some embroidered rework pillows, and I settled on… a rooster and a cat. #gigglewhenyougetit I think I might put “Mr & Mrs” on the backs, so I can flip them over in case of uptight company. :)

  45. Of course!! You’ve got to have something to make you giggle every day when you see it! I like the potty mouthed cross-stitches…makes me picture my 80 year old granny stitching away :)

  46. A stuffed animal, which let me add I HATE stuffed animals. But I couldn’t help myself….

  47. A flask that says “Three Sheets to the Wind” with a sailboat on it. That thing cracks me up, though I cannot figure out exactly why.

  48. I haven’t bought decor per se, but I’ve definitely hung it because it made me laugh. Way back in college when the Borat movie came out a friend of mine made me an intricate poster with a construction paper Borat head and an inappropriate quote. It’s hanging in an out of the way nook in my kitchen, and people always laugh when they notice it for the first time. Some day I’ll have to take it down because it’s not “nice,” but for now I love it!

  49. I actually bought Lego Mini bioms of Minecraft to build and keep on a shelf. They were so fun to make and are amazingly awesome to look at (especially if you like the Minecraft game) but they catch dust horribly. :)

  50. I bought a hilarious chili pepper costume for my daughter even though it wasn’t Halloween – it was just too cute.

  51. I bought a garden statue of a creature that has never existed. It’s some sort of cross between a frog and a bee. Therefore I call it frogbee. I keep it on the house!

  52. I haven’t yet bought art because it made me laugh, but as soon as I find the print about ‘I want to live in a world where chickens are free to cross the road without having their motivations questioned’, I’m totally getting it. :)

  53. I have a tiny Sad Keanu (from a 3-d printer!) who moves around my house being sad about various things. Currently he’s staring sadly at all of the paint samples on my bedroom wall.

  54. I was thrift shopping at a Goodwill Clearance Center and I bought a McDonald’s (collectible?) cup that was a Honey I Shrunk the Kids edition from the late 80’s. I couldn’t believe somebody had saved it, let alone donated it. I definitely in no way needed to buy it, but it was just too funny to pass up.

  55. I bought a little gnome that made me laugh and now it sits on my mantel and I still laugh when I see it.

  56. I bought a shirt that says “Don’t touch my hair, my phone or MY MAN” the M in man is a fist, from a hair salon. I crack up every time I wear it.

  57. Oh and I have a problem with buying animal figurines for my house. My latest purchase was an octopus wall hanging. I’m obsessed!

  58. My husband and I once accidentally bought a white porcelain butter dish in the shape of a cow… it followed us home from Marshall’s. We named her “Elsie” and she lives on the windowsill in the kitchen.

  59. I bought a picture of a pig that was sectioned and said only bacon, not all the other things like pork, etc

  60. I brought a print that said “shit creek survivor” it’s at my office and couldn’t be more appropriate

  61. I buy things all the time that make me laugh… they are usually for my dog and come in the form of clothing. : ) Most recently I bought him a winter hoodie (with actual hood) for him to wear when we move back to Georgia from Hawaii in February. It looks hilarious on him, which makes it even better!

  62. So many things, but my favorite is a dollar store solar bobble head … I can’t help but smile as it bobs all day long on my desk!

  63. Folk art pottery face jug with long face, big ears and lopsided eyes, huge lips and crooked teeth; Love this thing!

  64. I bought this odd fish shaped covered candy dish thing at a flea market just because I thought it was funny.

  65. A do-rag that says “ride it like you stole it”. I don’t own a motorcycle and I kinda drive like an old lady, but the hat cracks me up. Also, it looks amazing if I can get to my dog to wear it.

  66. We got a wood scuplure (?) of a lion – the thing is the size of a medium-sized dog! – that now sits in our bay window. He looks great with a Santa hat during the holidays.

  67. Fun giveaway! I love that there are a limited amount of prints from this shop. And I’m always looking for a good online art resource!

  68. i have TOTALLY bought decor because i laughed at it. :D

    my favourite one is a cardboard skull on clearance.
    it’s hanging on the wall in my hallway right now. :D

  69. The funniest artwork in my home was actually a gift from co-workers. We were selling all of this awful artwork at out store, and the worst of the worst was one we named “Tumor Dog”. It’s supposed to be a bulldog, and there’s this giant bulge on the back of his neck – we were pretty sure it’s meant to be a skin fold, but it really just looks like a tumor. Tumor Dog became something of a mascot for us, and when I transferred to a store out of state, my friends bought him as a going away present for me. He has lived proudly in my guest room ever since.

  70. Funniest thing we have is a handmade piece of art with plastic animal heads sticking out, spray painted gold. Made magnets out of the butts!

  71. I don’t have anything in my house that I bought for laughs… but now feel like I should! Love the artwork and would be great to add to my (very limited) collection. :)

    1. Limited collections are totally fine, as long as you are keeping it that way because you know what you like. Go with your gut! What I loved most about the collection was how quirky everything was. While they are definitely different styles, I was pleased to see a variety of pieces that might suit everyone.

  72. Last year before the holidays, I went through a pretty tough breakup, so I was looking for anything and everything to cheer myself up. Target had the HAPPIEST (it deserves the all-caps, honestly), most cheerful, most adorable Christmas decor ever, so my house became littered with smiling snowmen statues and happy penguins on dish towels and brightly-colored garland strands. Christmas cheer was everywhere. It was gaudy as could be, but I loved it (so much so that I’ll use a lot of it again this year). It didn’t necessarily make me laugh, but it definitely made me smile!

    1. Sometimes that’s all you need, though. I can relate. There are a few break-up posts here on this site, let me know if you would like to read them (they’re in the LIFE category section in the project gallery too if you want to search, but I’m happy to send the URLs to you too). Hope you’re in a much more satisfied place this year.

  73. I have a typography print over my kitchen sink that makes me smile everytime I see it.

    “ifyoucanttakeajokeyoucangetthef*ckoutofmyhouse” of course the actual letter is there instead of the * and yes many have stared at it before they get it :)

  74. I know I missed the giveaway but these are some very beautiful photos. Ha, at first when I was looking at your photo on the wall I had no idea what I was looking at. It took me a second and than it all fell into place. Very cool.

  75. Me tropecé con tu blog buscando papel de pared, pero en realidad me gusta las imagenes de los cuadros y me gustaría hacer un wallpaper en una parede con la foto de la ballena, La hay en tamaño grande???