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There’s a jolt of sunshine in my primary bath now.


I don’t know why I’ve been so obsessed with yellow lately, but I decided that it was time the bathroom got a little more cheerful (and a lot more modern). Maybe it’s a result of all the paint fumes and destroyed brain cells from the cabinet project and floor project – with all of that gray, a pop of color just seemed right.

I used Krylon’s spray paint for plastic in Sunbeam, which took three coats to fully cover the Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze that I spray painted on the frame last year. Out went my old makeover, in came a new one.
I wasn’t sure at first about taking such a color leap (I normally shy away from things like this), but so far, I love (la-hove) it. It’s fun to have something so bright and cheerful to look at each morning as I’m getting ready for work. It even helps to wake me up! Is it as surprising to you that the picture on the right makes the rest of the wall look brighter, even though it was taken at night, and the ORB pic was during the day?
Since it’s costly to replace the medicine cabinet that this mirror is attached to, I’ll have to spray it back to ORB when it comes time to list the house for sale. No matter, though. This is a work-with-what-you’ve-got kind of project, and I’m happy I took the risk.

Scott’s response? “I actually hate it less than I thought I would, but if this will make you cheerful in the morning, I’m all for it.”

Have you been taking any color risks lately? Is it a universal symptom of spring? What have you been tempted to paint, or in my case, repaint?

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  1. Aw sweetie is GORG!! Ive been trying to convince Justin jolts of yellow and pops of orange would be great in our house too. Scott's response is exactly what Id imagine Justin to say hahaha. in fact, i think they'd get along great lol

  2. I just painted a frame in my house yellow too!! Only I made an earring hanger! :) Love bright colors!!

  3. Adore this! I just bought a frame to make a jewelry wall hanging and you might have just inspired me to do paint it yellow instead of white! This Mirror looks fantastic!


  4. LOVE it! it's amazing what a difference that pop of color can make! wow, so pretty and fun. And i love your husband's comment- so funny. :)