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Last Friday, I showed you a method for trying to straighten out a board that had warped in my car over my lunch break.


I put the board on my (very dusty – try to ignore it) floor in the study-o (aka the storage room), concave side up, with paint cans on either end to counter the curve. After a couple of days, I checked the board. While the board was definitely flatter, it wasn’t straight. So I flipped the board over to concave side down, paint cans on top again, and waited another couple of days. Don’t worry – I had grad school papers to write to kill time ;)

And… success! Board is about as flat as an old soda.

Next up, it’s time to start measuring and mapping out all of the paint sticks I collected. I’ll admit, I was a little lazy cutting off the handles and didn’t measure well. So I may have to make a few adjustments, but for now it’s fun to play around with the potential design. Pictured here:  herringbone and something I like to call “wild hair” – basically just throwing them down in a non-repeating pattern.

And I really underestimated the amount that I’ll need. Guess I’m heading back to Home Depot for more!

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  1. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a herringbone pattern but the wild hair isn’t bad either. Love your quirkiness.

  2. I must need more to do at work, because in the last month I read every post you’ve made, from beginning to end. I guess now I have to wait for new ones! I love the ideas you have, and you have really motivated me to do something with my own house, much to my boyfriend’s frustration.

    1. You’ve read through over 800 posts that quick? Wow! I don’t think I would have the attention span to do that. Good luck with your own house, and I’ll be sure to have another post up soon ;)