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Let’s talk about color for a second, shall we?

Certain colors make me giddy. Like pale blue and emerald green. Mint and red. Navy and crisp white. Seriously, is there anything that screams H-A-P-P-Y like sun yellow? And you can always find great color just about anywhere:  Nature. Art. Art depicting nature. Kidding – even some of your favorite logos use bold colors to catch the eye (kinda like what we sometimes try to do in our home designs, hmm?).

As you might already be aware, I’m currently on the hunt for new paint colors for the study-o and living room (and kitchen, and guest bath, and…). And despite how many options there are out there, why do I always feel like it takes too long to find the one? How does light gray suddenly become lilac on my walls?

Meet MyColortopia – a site developed by Glidden paint and devoted to finding the perfect shade to solve your color conundrum. You can ask experts for advice (personal favorites and familiar faces like Mrs. Limestone or woodworking guru Ana White), upload a photo to get precise color matching, and save your favorite color combos in your own personal profile. They even added a quiz to match personality to paint.

Naturally, I took the quiz myself to see what’s what (and you can too, right from this post – just choose your first answer and work your way through the widget).

There are only a few questions, but the color experts at MyColortopia must have known what they were doing. My verdict?  Nailed it.

Despite choosing answers with words like “Creative” (a word my friends would use to describe me, but only because “snarky” wasn’t one of the choices) or “Strong, bold, deep colors”, this little widget still chose a color set that is certainly making a strong appearance at the Ugg-Duck: gray (as you can clearly see with my primary bedroom and bath already). Even the living room is getting a dose of silver dust eventually (when I finally finish the other ten projects going on around the place, that is). I also tried out the color Olivewood (a lighter shade of Wild Truffle, the dark muddy gray on the right in the above palette) as a color sample in the guest bath (though it wound up looking more like baby poo when it was up against the yellowed wallpaper – just not a good color combo, but I think the truffle-y color could really work if the literal yellow undertone of the wallpaper was gone).

So, where do you find inspiration? Do you get stuck? Take the widget for a spin if you have a few minutes – see if it pegs you the way it pegged me :)

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Glidden/Akzo Nobel Paints. But – as always – all thoughts and opinions expressed here (or elsewhere) are my own.

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