coffee - i don't spew profanities i enunciate them clearly like a fucking lady

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It’s now the middle of January 2018. And yet, I still can’t seem to shake off my holiday sluggishness. Can anyone relate?

january is a free trial month
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In the meantime, I figured I’d jot down a few of my goals for the year and keep up with tradition (click for 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012…)

Since I’m still all fuzzy-brained (and have been doing both a dry month and avoiding added sugar, which let’s face it, I could murder a bag of Cheetos right now), I’m just going to hop right in! I was inspired originally to make this list earlier this week by one of my favorite coffee mugs, so I’m going to use that theme to help demonstrate my resolutions. (If you want one of these, you can click through on the photos or the links below the photos to see where you can get them.)

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be more awesome than last year
more awesome mug

2018 Resolutions

More Video

I’ve been playing around with video settings and learning the ropes of filming DIY content. I think it adds a great new element and keeps the challenge factor turned up to 11, especially since I am used to being behind the lens instead of in front. In fact, I’ve already got two new videos ready for editing to post in the next month or so. If you aren’t subscribed yet, you can do so here!

More Real Moments

coffee - i don't spew profanities i enunciate them clearly like a fucking lady
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I love the funny moments of DIY. I have a foul mouth. I often have paint on me or glue in my hair or something equally unbecoming.

As of April, I’ll have been blogging for eight years. And after nearly a decade of figuring out this little corner of the internet, I’ve come to the realization that while I love that I get to do this full-time, I also face lots and lots of pressure to keep up with whatever is The Latest Thing. Better photography. Better styling. Keeping the creative engine running to a point where you can’t even really distinguish yourself from the next commoditized blog. I hate that lack of authenticity, but I also understand why so many do it. The harsh truth is that when you lack that professional polish, you can expect less traffic… and that means less income. And that sucks.

It takes more effort these days to manage a blog than it ever did, and with adding video to the mix, I just don’t have the capacity to be picture-perfect. Not that I ever really was, but I do feel that pressure quite a bit. Instead, I’m setting a goal to not let the lack of perfection (no makeup, or feeling awkward, or whatever other thing that’s making me self-conscious) stop me from offering up more content whenever I think something is really cool. I love it when I see my blog friends offer up something real and cool and different, like this. I am trying to remember this as I go.

messy bun coffee mug
messy bun mug

More Smack Talk

Those of you who (remember and) loved the staircase and kitchen Dueling DIY showdowns will be thrilled… because just like HGTV’s Trading Spaces, it’s coming back early this winter/spring!

dueling diy logo

The room and the battling DIYer have all been picked out, and the behind-the-scenes setup has already begun. I’ll have more details for you on an official announcement a few weeks from now, but I’m also filming updates for Youtube. Basically, I figured hearing two people cracking jokes at each other would be even more fun to see in addition to reading, so this could very well be a fun little “show” of sorts that you’ll find on my Youtube channel. I hope you enjoy (and laugh your faces off). <3

train wreck mug
train wreck mug

More Listening

AKA, less judgment. I know that may sound directly hypocritical if I’m planning on opening a can of whoop-a.s.s. in a head-to-head DIY challenge (because I SO AM, IT’S ONNNN), but also, hear me out. 2017 was pretty stressful for a lot of people. I hope, in 2018, to see less of that. I’m also hoping I can maybe help with that just by being a better friend. Listening more. Adding to the collective total good moments of the year. More meaningful conversations. That kind of thing. Things that really have nothing to do with anything, other than making 2018 richer.

romantic walks at target
romantic walks mug

More Fun

2018 is an ambitious year. I don’t mean to be too vague about it all, but some stuff I simply can’t disclose yet, some of it I don’t know all the details quite yet, and some is just plain more fun to reveal one by one. I’ll give you the first one though: next month is WorkbenchCon, and not only am I going to attend, but I’m building a booth for Rust-Oleum! I don’t exactly know what I’m doing as I am no “booth-building expert”. I’m sure that 1) that’s probably a real thing, and 2) I am not one of them), but I’ll be sharing all the details with you as it comes together. Expect to see sneak previews on Instagram stories, at least.

you do you mug
you do you mug

What about you? What are your goals?

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  1. Oh yeah girl! You do YOU! Authenticity rules! I don’t want to see The Stepford Wives on the internet. I tend to be keep to myself which is why I don’t have a blog. I like the idea of it I just don’t think it is anyone else’s business what I am about. Maybe someday that will change.
    In the meantime, spew to make a longshoreman blush sis! :::: insert the short version of the serenity prayer here ::: aka f-it.

  2. Ahahah I LOVE this, and this whole concept. I too feel like I am in a fog with no gumption to get this year moving yet. My own goal this year is to be my own best friend and advocate for my self care needs. So the days I am down, and really just the worst version of myself? Yea I am not going to make her put on a smile and fake it out and about, when I really should stay home and get myself in the right place again. Or when I feel too spent to say “No, thank you. not at this time.” to new asks or requests so I don’t spread myself thin. Finally, this means when I need help, or a hug, I ask for one.

    Love your honesty and your blog. Cheers to your new year!

    1. I am SO thrilled hearing this! Not the days you’re down part of course, but that you’re allowing yourself the room to just do you. Saying no is a HUGE part of self-care, even when it’s tough to say it (I faced that during the holidays when both of my parents got sick with a nasty cough… I was scared they would pass it to me, and I have some lung issues that make things like bronchitis stick around for a really long time. My mom was really sad about the idea of me missing Christmas if it came to that, but I stuck to my guns and came over only once they were on the mend (with a new soup recipe I’ll share on here too). They got better and I didn’t get sick all winter, and we still got to do our holiday traditions a few days later. Sending you virtual hugs!

  3. as a long-time lurker I am excited for more realness, more competition (I really do love the dueling DIY!). And as a fellow human, I appreciate your commitment to listening. I think that’s integral to improving our relationships, our communities, and even our world.
    I’m looking forward to what you have in store for 2018!
    And maybe it’s just me, but I tend to catch up on my blogroll while I’m at work, so videos often get skipped. It’s not a high priority for me, as a blog *reader*.

    1. There are going to be a lot of changes announced in 2018 that require me to be very, very honest so I just decided to hell with trying to make it appear any other way, you know?! Like, it would be more WORK, when honesty is just easier. And about video, it’s not just you… lots of people still like written tutorials (me included). So you’ll still find the written tutorials you’ve come to expect when I post new things, just with some added “oomph” when it really can’t be communicated easily without video help. The other upside is that income from video should help me feel less frazzled (blogging full time has a lot of financial instability with the way everything depends on social media, so that also makes a difference in “things I can control” versus “Facebook changed its damn algorithm AGAIN” kind of business-y stuff).

  4. Love these goals for the new year! Can’t wait for the next DuelingDIY (my staircase is still not done, you won that one by a mile. lol.)

    1. Haha, THE GOLDEN HAMMER IS MINE. Yeah the next one is going to be amazing. I’m planning to really step it up this time!