chocolate stripe donut cross stitch

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Chocolate Stripe Donut Cross Stitch Pattern

Aw c’mon, you know the drill by now: new month, new pattern! Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! I’ve been cutting back on sugar a lot this year, but I’m making an exception with the birthday sweets, so this donut seemed like a pretty good fit for today’s release!

Speaking of, what’s your favorite donut? Mine is the “sugared” or “sugar raised” donut from Dunkin. It’s a very simple combo: donut + granular sugar. I was first introduced to this delicious combo as part of our Sunday after-church ritual (the church would sell a huge assortment directly out of their kitchen area, so I would grab some money from my parents and scoop one up for the drive home). I always hated having sticky hands as a kid (my one-year cake smash video is me instantly regretting that decision… and I always put socks on my hands when eating a popsicle to avoid the drips #truestory). Glazed/iced/powdered donuts made such a mess, so I considered the “sugared” option supreme (just brush that sugar right off!). Given that there is probably someone reading this right now who has never even heard of this donut, you may not be surprised that it wasn’t the most popular of the choices available. But I love it when things like that happen; it meant there was always one left for me, and that felt special. It does make for a bit of an issue when it comes to finding them these days (as the lesser popular donuts do not get made every day, so it’s hit or miss when visiting a Dunkin shop if they have any at all; when they do, I tend to scoop up a bunch with the intent of freezing a few for later… but they mysteriously disappear before they ever make it to the fridge).

Anyway, I made a set of donut patterns and, even though none of them is my favorite to eat, they are fun to admire as stitch patterns.

pink sprinkle, chocolate sprinkle, and chocolate stripe donut cross stitch patterns

I’m making this striped one available as part of my free library, but when my new membership program launches, you’ll be able to grab the pink sprinkle donut and chocolate sprinkle donut patterns, or you can go ahead and download them separately from Etsy. Lots of my paid patterns will be part of the membership program, and I’ll be making lots of new ones too! Still working all the details out on when that will launch (hopefully by the end of the year, I’ll have both that and a new beginner course available for folks who want to learn the basics). For now, I’ve got a membership waitlist that includes a bonus pattern if you’re interested. Enjoy!

About this Cross Stitch Pattern

  • Designed for 14 count Aida (to make design smaller, use higher count fabric)
  • Full cross stitches only
  • DMC floss colors: 5
  • Finished design size: approx. 6.1 in. x 6.1 in. (15.4 cm x 15.6 cm)
  • 85 x 86 stitches


Note: Free cross stitch patterns are available for a limited time only based on publish date (right now the time limit is about 2 years and subject to change if this proves to be too difficult to maintain). They are then moved into the Membership Vault and accessible to Cross Stitch Club Members only. So, you may see some previously free patterns on this site that have now been moved to the vault. Please do not email me about your frustrations of not getting access to older free patterns; it’s partly because of the volume of emails that I needed to reevaluate and put some restrictions on the time commitment to continue providing patterns for free.

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