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Two duvets for a single bed: weird or genius?

Charlie and Stella lounging on the king bed with two duvets

This post is going to be a short one for a change, but I thought to post it here after I got some comments about it on Instagram: Have you ever slept in a bed that had designated blankets for each person?

I ask because I shared a cropped version of this pic yesterday, where I revealed that K and I have recently upgraded some of our bedding but have continued to use two separate (twin) comforters on top of our DIY king bed. Since the duvet for a king size bed is roughly the same size as two twin comforters put together, it just makes the both of us a lot more comfortable to not have to pull or fight for the covers. It also helps because both of the dogs like to sleep on the bed for part of the night, and it’s hard enough as it is with these two cover hogs!

According to the comments the post received, this is actually a pretty common practice in Europe (perhaps I’ve unwittingly taken #scandiboho style into my very core?). I honestly had never heard of it before and thought we’d come up with a cool problem-solving hack, but we were clearly beaten to the punch on that (also, a simple Google search would have exposed our lack of originality, too!). For several people in the U.S. though, it was either unheard of or some couples do it in secret. Neat, huh?

As for us, it’s definitely a no-secret-shame situation. I like my space when I sleep and K does too. Why not be comfortable, right? Well… as much as one can with a 50-lb dog hogging up foot space…

The only exception is when I’m making the bed or styling for photos. I haven’t really nailed the two-comforter look to my satisfaction (if you look back at the DIY floating king bed photos such as the one below, that was them!), so I’m choosing to layer another duvet on top that has a pattern I really like. It has a slight lump in the middle because of the overlap, but that doesn’t really bother me since I also drape a blanket across the end of the bed.

floating king bed with gray comforter white pillows leather pillows tribal pillow and moroccan wedding blanket

How to Make a Bed with Two Duvets (Scandinavian Style)

This European method ensures each person sleeping can customize layers exactly as they see fit!

  1. Fitted Sheet

    Add one fitted sheet (same size as your mattress) as usual.

  2. No Flat Sheet

    Ditch the flat sheet entirely (it just gets bunched up at our feet anyway).

  3. Add two duvets

    Fold each duvet in half (or in thirds, if it’s large) lengthwise and place one on each side of the bed. You can also layer them without folding and overlap them in the middle (as some of these pictures show), but it will create a small lump at the overlap (it’s up to you if you like that look).

  4. Add pillows

    Place the sleeping pillows adjacent to the headboard or up against the wall. Pile the decorative shams (three for our DIY king bed) and pillows on top.

  5. Optional: Add another blanket

    I’ll admit, I’m still getting used to the double duvet look, so it helps me (visually) to drape one additional blanket across the foot of the bed (to erase the line down the middle or minimize the lump). It also helps to choose duvets that are heavily textured or have a bold pattern to blur where one ends and the other begins.

Our bedding:

The gray twin sizes are far more practical with the dog hair, too, but I also LOVE this black and white one, so it goes on top now. I’m currently editing some new photos with this and more bedroom-related changes for another post (and updating the House Tour page!! that’s always a satisfying moment), so be on the lookout for that (update: linked!).

Stella lounging on the new white and black duvet

So, what do you think? Is this something you knew about already, or have you never thought to try it? If you’ve done the two-blanket method before, did you switch back to one at a certain point? Is anyone going to come over to the two-duvet side?

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  1. I’m based in the UK and know a few couples who do this because one runs hotter or colder than the other. My other half and I will probably do it once we upgrade our bed to kingsize – no point buying new duvets for the current bed!

    I wonder if one of the reasons it’s less common in the states is the blanket/topsheet vs no topsheet/duvet style of bedding?

    1. Maybe? Good point! My boyfriend doesn’t care for the topsheet at ALL so that makes a lot of sense.

      1. My husband runs cold, and I hot. We’ve used separate bed covers for about 20 years. I sleep under a king sheet with a fan blowing, and he sleeps under a king sheet and king blanket, plus more some nights. It’s a very workable arrangement for us. Additionally, he startles awake at the slightest touch, so my sleep depends on keeping him asleep. Not weird. More people are doing this than are admitting to it. Those who aren’t haven’t thought if it or wish they could do it.

  2. My husband wanted his own weighted blanket so we are now a two blanket family. It’s genius! Now all we need is a kingsize bed….lol

  3. We’ve always used two duvets (25 years now!) and we use two queen duvets. To make the bed we either fold the duvets in half the long way and place them side by side or lay them on top of each other they fit perfectly on top of our king, then layer a king quilt on top. Works great!

  4. Heck yes you are a genius and so am I! We have had our own blankets for years. If we have to share I will spend most of the night freezing with only a sheet. He likes to coccoon himself and takes all the covers. I never thought to use twin size blankets though. Bravo to you!

  5. My husband and I definitely did this when we still slept together. But honestly what we found worked best for us was not separate comforters or even separate beds… but separate bedrooms LOL!! I’m a blanket hog, and a bit of a snorer, and he’s a bit of a snorer and a bit of an insomniac. We’re both bears if our sleep is disturbed. We find life much more pleasant now that we don’t have to share :D

  6. My husband and I gave up sleeping together years ago. Much better nights rest when one isn’t disturbing the other with snoring, pushing, because of snoring, or tv watching, etc. Your solution sounds like it works for all of you!

      1. Hi there, Your Dad might consider a checkup to be sure his snoring isn’t sleep apnea in disguise. Left untreated, sleep apnea is very hard on the heart.

        1. Your concern is honestly so kind, thank you. He did eventually get checked out and he does sleep with a breathing machine. I suppose that’s the difference between what we knew in my childhood vs now. Even so, his snoring seems to continue (not that I’m that familiar with my parents sleep habits these days in my 30s!).

  7. Very interesting! I have a King with a King comforter but I live alone so it is ALL mine :-)

  8. A few years back we went to Norway and they had the twin duvets in all of the hotels we stayed at. We thought it was genius too! I never bit the bullet upon our return and kind of forgot about it until your IG posts. Fast forward a few years and now that we have 2 toddlers who seem to sneak into our bed every night (someone please tell me they will grow out of this sooner rather than later) I think we could use a few separate blankets! I inevitably end up with a corner of a top sheet down at the bottom of the bed like the family pet. Might take a little scroll through amazon on my lunch break today….

  9. My girlfriend and her husband do this as well, with 2 full/queen size comforters on their king bed (her hubs is too tall for a twin). They have a multiposition bed so her husband could be laying flat, while she is at a more incline position. So they stopped fighting with one, and got two. I have always sized up on my bed covers, so for example, our queen size bed, has a king size duvet. But I definitely get the appeal when I am tugging against my covers-hog hubs. I think your solution with two twins makes a lot of sense and it doesn’t look weird in the photos with your pretty piece across the foot of the bed. Besides, sleep is super important, if it makes it a more restful sleep, especially with the doggos do it! :)

    1. Could not agree more, Amy! I have a few sleep issues myself completely unrelated to covers. So anything I can do to make me more comfortable is a welcome upgrade!

  10. We do something similar, but it’s because he runs hot (and only wants a sheet), and I run cold (and need a cozy blanket to cocoon in). I’ve never seen the twin duvet thing though, that’s smart!

  11. Did this decades ago when I was married. I like being weighted from the top and able to stretch out, and I need my sheets/blanket tucked under the mattress at the bottom end. He rolled up in the blankets like a mummy which left me in the cold. When I started the separate blankets, he was insulted! Go figure! Now my grandson sleeps usually in my bed … time to revert to separate blankets…genetics ?

    1. Haha, some of the comments I got on social media definitely had some divided households. I suppose I get it, such as if you don’t think it’s the norm and you feel like the only one wanting a separate blanket, is it selfish to want your own? Or are you incapable of making it work? Those were just a few of the comments but I’m really intrigued that there’s also a Europe vs. U.S. piece to it! Hope you get your blanket situation worked out soon!

  12. Growing up I though two duvets was the norm…my parents are both German and you don’t have a top sheet and ALWAYS separate duvets there…now I know it’s also a great solution for a cover hog or different sleep temps!

  13. I love the double duvet style. My hubby and I have struggled with very different sleeping styles for 40 years and finally resorted to seperate beds. Then I went to Germany! Ach! Such a simple–and cozier–solution!

    Question is–where do you buy them here?–can’t find anything on Amazon no matter how I search.

    1. I actually just buy two smaller twin bed duvets (XL length). Two of those doubled up are plenty sufficient to cover the bed, and it makes it much easier to find duvet covers that fit from just about any store.

      1. You didn’t say what size bed you have. I thing your solution works for a King, but might overpower a Queen. If I’ve guessed wrongly, let me know! : )

        1. It was listed in the post itself that I had a king bed, so I didn’t think to add it to the reply. But you’re correct, I have a king size bed! A normal twin comforter might work? You’d have to look at the dimensions of them and see if that could be an option, I’m not exactly sure. I’ve read that the Scandanavian way of making the bed would be to fold the comforters or to overlap them in the middle, if that helps!

          1. Oops! I hadn’t thought to go back and re-read the post!

            Two twins is too much on a Queen, so I’m going to cut my Queen comforter in half and shorten the two halves to meet German twin-set dimensions.

            Wish me luck!