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I’ve never mowed my lawn until today.

Ok, technically, that’s not true. I mowed about a third of my lawn two days ago, then it crapped out on me and I couldn’t get it started again. I got really frustrated cranking and pulling on the cord with nothing happening. And I was really frustrated that nothing was happening while my neighbors were laughing and pointing at me (in my head at least).

Maybe I’m paranoid at the last part, but my neighbor is a professional landscaper after all (a really nice guy, too – he dug me out of my driveway after a snowfall this past winter). And the next morning I found a business card taped to my mailbox offering… you guessed it… landscaping services.

Embarrassed but stubborn not deterred, I gave it another shot today. I got it cranking again, but only after putting some more gas into the deceptively full-looking tank. Guess I found the problem.

There are no stunning before and after pictures for my small victory, but so far I’ve learned that weeds grow a lot faster than their grassy counterparts. I’ve also noticed that I will need a different tool for around the mailbox.

Crooked mailbox

The apparently crooked mailbox. I swear this was not my doing from the mower (and neither are the wilted flowers – that was the neighborhood’s vast dog population). I’m clearly a beginner at this, but I guess I’ll get my second, er, third try sooner than I expected!

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  1. Scour Craigslist for an edger! You should be able to get them for cheap and make this area look nice. I have like three of them, so if you lived closer I could totally hook you up. :)

    PS – love the new header!

  2. I have one, but due to a cold and time constraints I just didn't get to it yet. Hopefully tonight!