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Number of projects begun over the weekend: 4
Number of projects completed:  0

Ever have one of those weekends where your intentions get far, far ahead of your ability to complete them all? To my credit, I began four new projects this weekend. But thanks to dogsitting Colby, a sweltering hot day requiring that I take breaks every other hour, and a 24-hour hiatus thanks to a busted car (it’s fixed now, IhopeIhope), I got a little, well, sidetracked.

Having four incomplete projects and zero complete ones unfortunately means I’ve got very little to show you this week until I finish them, but I do have a few realizations thanks to this weekend’s experience that I felt were worthy of sharing with you all:

  • If you have a larger dog visiting your smaller, curious puppy, and the puppy gets peed on, don’t bother giving her a bath until after the other dog has gone home. You’re just creating wasted effort for yourself when she gets peed on for the third fourth time. (Sidenote:  I thought Colby was doing this deliberately at first because I’ve seen him do it to a Chihuahua at the dog park, but I later realized it was that Charlie just followed Colby’s every move to the point of being under him when he peed, curiously sniffing behind him, then getting doused in the process.)
  • Bug spray does not last as long as the work. Reapply after the fourth or fifth drop of sweat drips down your back or feel the the wrath of hungry mosquitoes.
  • Just. Give. Up. on having a decent manicure or pedicure for the next year. You’re only frustrating yourself when you accidentally roll over your foot with primer.
So since I don’t have much to show you today, I’ll just remind you that I opened up another giveaway post yesterday, so stop by here to check it out. And photos of Colby’s visit have been added to Charlie’s Facebook album, so if you need a puppy fix, get ’em here. Hopefully I’ll have something to reveal tomorrow (if my energy level holds up and the paint dries quickly!), so stick around :)

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One Comment

  1. Do I ever start a bunch of projects without finishing any of them? Nah.

    I actually laughed out loud even typing that. My way of dealing with the project ADD is to just go with it. Sometimes you just need to start 50 things, and I like to believe that EVENTUALLY they'll get finished.