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fruit stripe gum. Sorry, I remember that commercial from when I was 4 and can’t think of a good pun.

But, I saw this photo on House of Turquoise.

And now, I’m thinking that this poor, pitiful wall in my horribly wallpapered eyesore breakfast nook would look fantastic in stripes. Just that one wall. Ignore the dog. He’s just looking for his food bowl (we have been moving it around a little too much for his liking).
Am I crazy, or can this really be done in a non-“designer” house? I may even be too afraid to go two different colors but might do it with two different sheens. Your thoughts?

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  1. I say go for it!! I think it CAN be done in non-designer houses. I'd vote for either two different sheens, or two shades of the same color.
    Young House Love did it in one of their bathrooms (if that counts as non-designer!?)

    I've been thinking about doing this in my own bathroom.

  2. Are you kidding? Go for it! I think two colors of the same tonality would be darling – especially if they complemented your current wall color or other decor. I vote yes!

  3. I say you should go for it! I've seen totally “normal” people do stripes in their homes and I don't think it looks overly eccentric. What's right is right. :o)

  4. We're going to do stripes in our dining room… my aunt (who is an interior designer) says to do them in the same color, one flat and one high gloss for a more subtle look if you're interested in that…

  5. Go for it! Maybe try an accent wall if you're hesitant. I think it's a cool look for flat walls.

  6. I'm a new reader of your blog and love your sense of humour. I really want to paint stripes in my laundry and my home certainly aint designer styled, but it is mine to do as I please. I think it would be a real talking feature, go on do it, then let me know how hard it was!