‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (The Ugly Duckling House Version)

(Time to be with family, so this is going up a day early – enjoy!)

christmas poem

‘Twas the night before Christmas,
And all through the Ugg-Duck,
Tools were scattered everywhere…
I didn’t give a flying… er, elf.

Tiny stockings were hung –
Mostly because they were cute,
Beneath a giant new smart TV,
(Finally gave the broken one the boot.)

Mount Washmore had been freshly folded,
And all the gifts were wrapped,
So I settled into my dog-hair-covered couch,
Where (dammit!) Charlie must have napped.


But no matter, I thought,
I can still be thankful for a good year.
Everyone is healthy and happy,
And I have a fridge full of beer.

Now that school has ended,
I can finally take a brief rest,
There aren’t any more classes to attend,
And no more goddamn tests!

But that’s not all that happened in 2013 –
I had a long to-do list at home, too.
There was the front entryway, and the staircase,
And a new backyard garden view.


Dad was a big help in lots of projects,
While I learned to use new power tools.
A visit from my uncle helped clean up the kitchen;
That new walnut butcher block? Swoon. Drool.

I shared time tips, personal stories,
And DIY wall art,
And holy crap, I was even on internet TV!
Why do I keep forgetting that part?

Looking back at this home I’ve created,
There’s still more yet to do,
But for now, I can just sit by this roaring fire
And wish a Merry Christmas to all of you.

merry christmas

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  1. says

    Very cute poem. :) I read this early in the morning, after waking very sore from spackling and caulking about 8 hrs. yesterday! Today I am off to get goodies so my girls can make gingerbread houses. And a Christmas light drive tonight through a park followed by Polar Express. Aside from a few spots to sand all will be left until after Christmas! It is time to enjoy my down time and my little family of four. :) Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your time with family! Thanks for all the wonderful posts. It has been such fun getting to know you and watching you tackle your home, school, life in the past year or so I have been following!

  2. Susan Savarese says

    That was such a cute poem that I just had to comment! Your posts are so great and I find the way you handle your projects and life in general to be just precious. Keep up the good work!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Sera says

    Merry Christmas to you and Charlie! Thanks for a wonderful year of blogging – looking forward to the next :)
    Enjoy not having to think about assignments and readings and exams, and just chill ;) I’ll raise a virtual glass to you!


  4. Eric says

    Just catching up with your posts, as I have been busy finishing up a project for the Fontainebleau.

    Congratulations on achieving your MBA. Ga St…..that brings back memories.

    Nice poem. Are you making the move to full time poet? :)

    Finally, Happy Holidays to everyone. I won’t rub it in that it was 85 and sunny here today.:)

  5. Brad Weilert says

    Congrats on this year and best of luck in the coming New Year. Sounds like its going to be a year of great change for the better!

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