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This weekend, my dad came up with his truck to help me pick up some furniture I was going to buy off of Craigslist (more on that in a later post). Just before we got lost for a second time, we saw an estate sale sign and decided to stop. Because I’ve never been to an estate sale before, I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I was anticipating that it would be very much like a garage sale:  only a handful of interesting items in a pile of junk. Much to my surprise, this estate sale was room after room of stuff from the 60s. I wound up itching to buy something from the moment I walked through the door! Hmm, maybe this little detour wasn’t such a good idea after all…

While the prices for most of the pieces I liked weren’t in my price range, it wasn’t long before I was rooting around in the basement of the home trying to sniff out a good deal. The owner of these items seemed to really like large pieces of furniture, which to my dismay (or the good fortune of my wallet?) meant that I wouldn’t be taking anything home. My small house would look very cramped if I added an armoire (spelled armwar if you’re looking on Craigslist) this large! But, isn’t it neat?

Both my dad and I were particularly intrigued by the feet on this armoire. See how they look like elf shoes? While some of the items (like the handle on the mirrored door) were missing, we couldn’t deny that this piece was quite impressive. Even if I wasn’t going to be the one to take it home, it’s destined to wind up as a beautiful addition to someone else’s!


If my entryway were just a tad bit wider, this little 2-drawer table would be perfect as a place to put our mail when we walk through the door. Some fresh paint and new hardware would be all this piece takes to completely change the look.
Wow. Completely drool-worthy. But for $225, I think I’ll put my eyes back into my head and move on. Though after seeing this, I can’t help but want an apothecary-style piece in my own house.
I love love LOVE this old water barrel. It would never truly fit into my home’s decor, but it’s got a cool factor going on. If I ever have a farmhouse…

And lastly, I have no idea what this is. Is that why I wanted it so much? Does anyone have an idea? I thought it might be an old (and termite-damaged) chicken crate. The old pots on the top are really neat, too!

All in all, I’d say my first estate sale was a success. Even though I didn’t purchase a thing, I did plenty of window shopping and got a ton of inspiration. I can’t wait for the next! As part of my estate sale newbie-ness, I discovered that you can sign up for emails to know when and where estate sales are going on each week. Check out estatesales.net for listings in your area!

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  1. It was actually more of the size of a coffee table. Bulky, but it would have been much better storage-wise if the apothecary drawers were only facades and the drawers were actually bigger. But, I would REALLY love one the size of a sideboard/credenza/buffet for the dining room or living room. I think they make drawer sizes to fit CDs and DVDs now.

    The style IS drool-worthy though, isn't it?