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See this little corner in my living room?

This is the very LAST corner that needed to be tackled with light greige paint (Benjamin Moore’s Dove Wing). And now, it’s painted! When I counted them all up, between the upstairs hallway, the tall stair area (which was difficult to reach, but is now done), the front entryway, hallway to the kitchen, and living room, there were fifteen separate wall surfaces to cover with paint. Which took a while, since it was never on the priority list while I finished the walls in the dining room. But what once was tan is now officially DONE.

These areas are much brighter after going with the lighter paint. This house is often covered by shady trees, so the lighter color has really helped. I don’t feel as heavy walking into the door. And obviously, the tree’s up. I’ve been working hard at emptying the living room after having it cluttered with kitchen and dining room furniture last year, and it’s just in time for filling it with holiday decor. I’d be kind of irritated at cluttering things up again if it weren’t so twinkly. The pillow is from last year’s holiday collection at Target, just in case you’re wondering.

The other night, I also dealt with a more tedious item that has been on the to-do list even longer: caulking the shoe molding. One little item that I skipped after installing the floor and just never got back around to taking care of. It makes a big difference, so I think it’s spurring me to tackle the other rooms I never got around to as well. (Note to self: I need to actually paint the shoe molding, too… the cheap pre-primed molding has yellowed a little, so it’s become obvious that I never painted it).

There are still more decorations needing to be put into place, like the tree skirt and mantel, but after having only one real Christmas in this house so far with the decorations actually put on display, I’m ready to make this room feel like home again.

Let’s all tip our beers back to a time-consuming painted project complete, shall we?

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  1. It’s crazy how a little paint can make the whole experience of a long day at work a little more bearable. Just creeped on your blog for way too long. I’m coveting so many of your projects!

  2. Ugh. You had to talk about caulking trim. I finally got around to finishing that task in the kitchen, but the trim in the living and dining rooms remains un caulked and partially painted. Now everywhere I look I get reminders that I still haven’t done it. But yours looks great! Pretty tree too.

  3. We see so many “in-progress” shots that I didn’t think that photo was your blog as I scrolled through my Bloglovin’ this morning! It looks so pretty and homey! I thought the same thing about “junkin’ it up”. I had just started on finalizing some decorating details in our living spaces, getting them how I want. And then to drag out the tree, etc. However, I keep it simple so I dealt with it. :)

    1. Haha aww, I know I don’t share a lot of finished shots (note the artfully cropped nature of these, btw). Working on it!