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Just a quick before and after to start the week off right…

At first, I wasn’t sure that I liked the new color for the cement slab on the front porch. It’s light, but this is still darker than most of the other samples I had to choose from when I was at the store. For those wondering, the color is called Weathered Concrete by Valspar’s porch and floor paint.

However, after a second coat, the paint is looking a lot better than the old, dingy red paint that used to be. And the entire porch is looking brighter, which is always a good sign when remodeling an old house.

Clearly, the porch is still missing a few things, like something on the end to bring in a little more color. But we’re off to a good start, and it’s such a huge improvement from where it all started. (Different angle of course, but I never took a shot on the porch before I painted the rails)

I’ll be sharing more tomorrow about the new plans I have for sprucing up the porch. And speaking of tomorrow, I have a big announcement to share, so be sure to stop by!


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  1. Please let me know how you prepped the porch before painting. We have a red porch, but it had carpet on top of it, so we've been trying to scrape it and remove the old glue. Your porch is so much nicer than ours (even before the repaint) that I fear ours will never look nice.

    1. Mel, I didn't have to do much to prep the surface. I grabbed a heavy duty Magic Eraser (the one for outdoor projects) and just got to work. That got most of it, but I typically wash down any surface I think will get a lot of wear and tear with a little TSP substitute. That usually gets things as squeaky clean as I can get it. After all, an outdoor slab won't get that much cleaner! I'll be sure to take a few closeup shots this week of the surface so you can see the imperfections. Ultimately a coat of paint will likely hide a lot of that glue (for me, mine hid old puppy paint marks, patched holes from termite treatments, and whatever the heck else was stuck on there over the last 30 years. I hope this helps!