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Ok, I promised you a real kitchen update today (read: finally, a post with pictures not taken with my phone), and that’s exactly what you’re going to get. But, brace yourselves… are you sure you’re truly ready to see a real kitchen in the midst of a remodel? We’re talking the kitchen of a person who spends most of her time outside her home and has been without a functioning kitchen for weeks. Not that I ever really cooked much in here before beginning the remodel, but still… it’s where the frozen pizza, tin foil, and microwave go. Important, necessary things on a grad school diet.

This post is also written at a time of night when sane people are sleeping, so apologies all around if I seem cranky or delirious. But let’s get to the good stuff:

Two coats down in some areas, a third in areas closer to the fridge. I snapped these pictures when I got home from work to have a hope of using some of the daylight to show the true color. Still, that orange-y oak is not a camera’s best friend.

For now, the kitchen is overall darker and even more unfortunate looking than when I started. But that’s simply what’s to be expected when you’re painting the dark part first (after all, I’m planning on adding a lot of white on the upper cabinets, possibly more with the backsplash, and getting rid of the ugly, painted counters). But thanks to a few coats of paint, I’m starting to see things match what’s been floating around in my head for years.

A few of you said you want to see things up close to judge the finish, so I took a few with the light hitting it just so. You can see what the wood grain looks like when it’s painted over (also fyi, the sheen is a satin finish). I expected it to look this way after the results a few years ago from painting the same style of cabinets in the bathrooms with a painting kit (posted here), so the wood grain showing is fine by me (as long as there is no bleed-through, just texture).

But when you step back, the color is exactly what I wanted. And it’s looking super smooth. I was even able to start putting the drawers back into place. Yay!

Despite that it’s unfinished, the kitchen is completely TRASHED, and I’m in desperate need of some sleep, I’m determined to press on until I can call it dunzo. This is one project that is not going to kick my ass.

Will not. Won’t.

I’m thinking if I say that over and over, squint my eyes, and tilt my head, the clutter will blur into a happy kaleidoscope of primary colors and won’t bother me as much. Wishful thinking of course, according to the twitch in my right eye.

But it’s also Friday, it’s football season, and despite most of the kitchen being unusable right now, I’ve still got a few cold ones readily accessible in the fridge when I cross the finish line.

Because blocking my access to the beer would be the dumbest option. Obviously.

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  1. You deserve a beer or five after all that hard work :)

    Looks awesome so far!!!

    1. I was waiting forever for you to start this kitchen, the anticipation is still killing me. I think the before and afters will be epic. Great progress and keep it up!!! I keep checking back daily because I am so excited.

  2. I am about to start painting my kitchen cabinets. I’m so glad I saw your posts! I think you are going to save me a lot of time, money and irritation. This project is one of many as I am determined to make my house look like a grown-up lives there and not a well paid intern.

    Can’t wait to see more of your work!

  3. Hang in there. I’ve been where you are. The result will be worth it, I promise.

  4. That color is looking soooo good!! Kudos to you for pushing through– we’re still missing doors in our kitchen and I haven’t even touched the bottom yet lol

  5. Your hard work will definitely pay off! Look how far you’ve come already.

    P.S: Great game Saturday! But next time, I need to sit on the home side. I was surrounded by far too many Gamecock fans.

  6. I love to see your great works! I wish to have deozens of skilled workers or assisstants like you(I am a sales manager of a kitchen manufacturer in China) . Every piece of work has been poured into your countless time and love.