high contrast master bedroom mood board design inspiration

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The primary bedroom has new rugs! Plus, see what I’m inspired by for the primary bedroom redesign!

Out of all of the rooms in this house, the primary bedroom has easily been the most neglected. But that’s going to change, and here are some sneak peeks!

Stella and Charlie - dogs laying on new rugs in master bedroom

When I first bought my house, I thought I would have the room done in no time — I painted it gray, added a few pieces of furniture, and then… I kind of abandoned it for every other project.

Primary bedroom — 2009

master bedroom original blue walls and brown carpet

But now that K has moved in, we’ve both agreed that this winter is a perfect opportunity to give it some attention. I confess, it’s still not the highest priority (we have other rooms that were started before, such as the guest bedroom and the Murphy bed built-ins, that need to be finished up first). But, we spend a ton of time in here and need to figure out a space that helps us relax after a long day.

High-Contrast Black and White Bedroom Design Inspiration

high contrast master bedroom mood board design inspiration

Click to shop these items for yourself:

black diamond pillowcharcoal Euro pillow shamsblack global lumbar pillowplatform bedwood slabmonstera plantMoroccan wedding blanket (that’s a budget option, but the real deal is here) • jute rugMoroccan shag rugabstract printsceiling fan

Change #1: We built a bigger bed

One of the first big changes was building a bigger bed. With Stella joining the UDH and being allowed to sleep in the bed, there was no way we could keep Charlie off anymore, and that meant needing more leg room (I like to spread out and the dogs insist on cuddling up around me, which feels smothering). So, we designed and built our own king-sized floating bed that adds plenty more space, but doesn’t feel too heavy. Plans are coming! My intention is to finish the bed by adding a live edge headboard and wrapping the same species around the base. We’ll need to save up for it, since larger slabs can easily go for $1,000 or more, and finding the right piece will take some time. I’ve been looking online at shops like Berkshire Products on Etsy, but we may also try to source it locally if we can find the right supplier.

floating king bed with gray comforter white pillows leather pillows tribal pillow and moroccan wedding blanket

Once it was built, I was eager to get it decorated. I pulled out the Moroccan wedding blanket I’ve had tucked away in my closet for years and always wanted as part of my bedroom design. I bought it more than seven years ago from a shop that operates out of Marrakesh (a Morocco-based blogger now turned textile shop!). I saved up for it and have always intended on using it for the primary bedroom; it’s precious to me, so I wasn’t ready to use it until the rest of the room started coming together. Since I first purchased the blanket, there have been a lot of retail stores making knockoff versions (and I’ve linked to a budget-friendly one above). But this one was a vintage investment piece and very heavy. I tried it out on the bed (with Charlie as my model, naturally!) while almost everything else is a placeholder until I find the rest of the room’s furnishings.

Charlie modeling master bedroom decor - moroccan wedding blanket and pillows

The paint color will be getting the axe as well. I do still love the gray (it’s Montpelier Ashlar Gray by Valspar, which looks to be discontinued now), but the room needs something a bit brighter. K is a big fan of changing the walls to white and adding dark trim. I love the idea, since it will allow us to add some heavier blackout curtains and dark gray or black accents (such as the Tricorn Black paint I recently used outside near the fire pit and deck).

Since rugs can get really pricey, Labor Day was my moment to shine this year. Multiple stores had 50, 60, and 70% off sales, so I comparison shopped my way to a bargain (2 rugs for the primary, a new rug for the dining room, and a new rug for the guest bedroom). For the primary bedroom, I picked up an 8×10 jute rug and a smaller 5×7 shag-like rug to go near the foot of the bed.

laying down jute rug first

This was my first experience trying to lay down a natural fiber rug like this. It was a bit smelly (like hay), but that dissipated over the next few days. It was also a little tough to get it to lay flat since 1) the fibers stretch and can quickly be pulled too tight/loose  and 2) the dogs both thought it was a great game to lay ON the rugs as we tried to straighten everything out. Little stinkers.

black dachshund laying on jute rug

After laying down the bottom rug, we laid the more decorative black and white rug on top. I absolutely LOVED this rug from the minute I spotted it, but K took some convincing to give it a try. I’m glad he trusted me (with only a little hesitation ?). It’s perfect!

putting new rugs down under bed

master bedroom with floating bed fram - jute rug - moroccan shag rug

Once he saw it in the room, he was convinced as well. In fact, he comments every day how much he likes the new rugs together in the room. It’s really encouraging, since it’s going to be a learning process to design a room that both of us can be happy with.

As you can see in these photos, we’re in the process of getting new bed linens added, so I’ll have a new update for you when we get them sorted out (and no, I’m not a fan of that blue fitted sheet, but we haven’t bought new king-sized sheets yet). The new rugs have added tons of style and I’m excited to add more!

Other items from the primary bedroom design inspiration board:

Monstera plant (aka “Swiss cheese plant”) — I really want one of these! I hate that I’m a sucker for plant trends, but I don’t care… these are so pretty!

Black and white pillows — most of these are from Target for the sake of accessibility (so you can shop the above links if you like), but I think I may go with one-of-a-kind if I can find the right source.

Abstract paintings — when I asked K what kind of art he wanted, he replied “Parks and Rec-style nude portraits”, meaning these. So, I think I’m going to take the lead on this one. ? He suggested a diptych or triptych to go along the wall closest to his side of the bed (it’s a large blank wall right now). But the problem with diptychs/triptychs is that they can often be tacky, so I’m thinking of taking a page out of the Emily Henderson playbook for pieces that can stand alone. K suggested that I paint a series myself so that they can hang together but also work individually (so probably a series of canvases using the same color palette). Either that, or maybe we’ll get a few black & white engineer print portraits of Charlie and Stella. I think that idea would be cool no matter the room, but with all the black and white I’m already planning for this space, some colorful (but soothing/relaxing) art will be better.

New ceiling fan — for a long time, I wanted a beautiful, oversized light fixture to complete the room. But this room gets hot, and ceiling fans just plain help us sleep better. So I’m going to try to find a stylish ceiling fan that prioritizes comfort rather than style (but hopfeully still not ugly!). This will be tricky to find, since so many are either hideous or expensive, but I’m optimistic.

plus sign rug under floating bed frame

As for the pups, they seem to be smitten with the new rugs. So you can bet that we Scotchgarded the crap out of it to make sure it stays pristine!

charlie butt on new plus sign rug

black dachshund on plus sign scandi rug

So, that’s it for this bedroom update. More yet to come, but I’m thrilled with the idea of this room finally getting its due!

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  1. Finding the right ceiling fan is SO infuriating. My list of requirements isn’t so unreasonable, I think, but I still haven’t found the perfect one. So far I’ve tried the MinkaAire Dyno (light is more like a spotlight so it doesn’t light the room well, no pull chains, great otherwise) and the Craftmade Helios (wimpy light, creamy white paint). I just want a white fan with a BRIGHT light, pullchains, quiet motor, and a sleek contemporary look. Why is that so hard?? If you find any good white ones send them my way ;)

    1. As it turns out, I have one I like in the guest bedroom! It’s an Epilogue LED fan. The lights a little warmer than I’d ideally like but it has plenty of light IMO and sleek looking. I got it on a major sale (another holiday discount/clearance thing) and the price has gone back up since, but you might want to check it out and bookmark it for the next time it goes on sale (not sure when that will be, but I’m thinking of buying a similar one in black for the primary).

  2. love the white/gray rug!! ceiling fans are the best and yes there are a lot of fugly ones out there ! when we moved into our farmhouse this summer, we ended up buying the exact same fan we had in our last house in the city as it was the one thing i really missed from the house…it’s by Minka Aire and it was like $300 but i don’t regret it one bit. of course we still don’t have a sofa in our living room yet, but dang it looks good when ya look at the ceiling! :)

    1. Haha, we all have to make those choices sometimes and live without furniture until we have the right budget. No judgment here!

  3. Hey Sarah,
    Love the room plans. Slabs of wood can be found a lot cheaper on Facebook marketplace. Landscaping companies often sell them pretty inexpensively. You might need to look closer to rural areas to find a good, cheap place.

  4. I love the layered rugs! And for tour consideration: I used Fiverr to find a watercolor artist and she made lovely watercolors of our dogs for our room! I absolutely love them, and though it made us full blown crazy dog people I’d totally recommend it. :)

      1. Yup, here’s her link: https://www.fiverr.com/strawberrique

        It was about $55 for her to create & send me 2 digital watercolors at the dimensions I asked, then I ordered them on a heavy cardstock from Shutterfly (so they’d look more like real watercolors). I think I sent her 5 or 6 pictures of them to get details/inspiration from. I’ll email you mine so you can see her style.

    1. That’s so AWESOME! Do you know what species it is? Also, you should stay on the lookout for when we do an Atlanta meetup sometime, would be great to meet some local readers!

      1. I’m not sure. It’s never had leaves since I’ve lived there so it’s hard to tell, but likely oak or maybe elm? It’s at least 30 feet tall, the branching doesn’t start until near the top, and the bark is a grayish color. Also, I would LOVE to do an Atlanta Meetup!! I’ll keep an eye out.

  5. Love those rugs ?

    Also, I just spent an hour and a half in Menards a few days ago trying to select a ceiling fan that was *just* right… with little luck. We’ll be looking at a few other stores this weekend. Hopefully you guys fare better than we did!

  6. Your bedroom is like my laundry room; “The forgotten rooms” hahaha! When my husband (Also a “K”!) And I bought our house, our laundry room was literally an unfinished room. There was no flooring, unfinished drywall and strangely two disconnected light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. We really quickly painted the walls, stacked the washer and dryer and laid down some DIY stained plywood planks for flooring then forgot about it while we focused on every other room. Perhaps I’ll sit down and put together an idea board for it in the near future as inspiration! I love what you’re doing with your bedroom so far, and that bay window is dreamy!

    1. Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone! I redid my laundry room before the bedroom (haha), but it’s amazing how long some rooms can go on without us thinking about them again.

      1. Oh no, you are definitely not alone. Truth be told, I have MANY things that need to be done (such as stairs to my front door…), but my laundry room is definitely my room of shame.

        On the bright side, at least all these unfinished projects give us plenty of content to write about!