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So, let’s start this post with a great big HOLY CRAP, WHAT A WEEK.

Last week, I mean. You may have noticed I sort of dropped off the planet and failed to post anything other than a completely random story about all of the toys I found in my backyard cleanup project.

I had other posts I meant to share. But then I flew off to Phoenix, AZ to film five (yes, FIVE!) episodes of a TV show and arrogantly assumed I’d have time at the hotel to still finish editing them. And then that didn’t happen and I barely even had time to share a few random mystery photos on Instagram to give you hints at what was going on.

My hotel was pretty incredible – but I didn’t see it much during the day!

So, yeah – I guess that’s my way of telling you my big news. Coming later this year (November 1st, I’m told), you can catch me on this season’s Homestretch with SheKnowsTV. The premise? Two DIYers, two rooms, and two days to make them over.

I can’t WAIT to share more details with you, but I’ve gotta keep a lot of it under wraps until the premiere episode. There are a few things I feel it’s okay to share, though – starting with my “competition.”  Recognize this fellow sawdust lover (hint, hint)?

(pic from Sandra’s Instagram)

It’s Sandra from Sawdust Girl! The whole thing came together rather quickly, and I found out that she was the other DIY host (that’s what they called us, even though there’s also a real host of the show who pops in to check on our progress) just a couple of days before my flight out to Arizona. I was just as excited to reconnect with Sandra as I was to do the show (considering that I only get to see blog friends about once a year).

sandra and i
This is MIDNIGHT on Arizona time. My feet hurt so bad, I walked out of the house like a duck (absolutely no pun intended).

The whole experience was totally crazy. Overwhelming, FUN, and entirely new. Between adapting to my new tools (I never realized how not having my own tools would slow me down), squeezing in an entire room’s worth of shopping into a single day (the same day my flight landed, hello hit-the-ground-running), and learning to delegate a major DIY project while losing large chunks of time due to filming (which, like a doof, I never factored into the planning phase – but the crew was amazing). There were so many funny moments. And frustrating ones (yes, I throw things). And times I felt like a complete moron. And times I was super grateful for the people I was working with.

Every night, I came back to my hotel room completely exhausted and sore. I was adjusting to a three-hour time difference on top. And I worried like crazy that I wouldn’t pull it off, and that I would disappoint the homeowners. Truly, it was one of the most unique experiences of my life. I don’t have a lot of the pictures that were taken during filming (because, ahem, I was a little preoccupied), but I hope to have those soon and will give you the play-by-play when the first episode goes live.

Neat, right? But I did say that there were new things – plural. There’s a good chance you’ll be seeing me in a few other places. First, I’m the new Home Repair Expert for I think the word “expert” is a stretch (I would never pretend to be something I know I’m not), but they were looking for someone to give DIY advice, and who knows? It could be fun, and anything involving more of what I enjoy writing about is right up my alley. And (since this post has turned into a general post about things going on that are related to the blog part of my life), I’m also going to be a contributor for a new magazine called Society South. They’re launching any day now, and you’ll be seeing my mug as an online contributor here and there – sharing tips, talking about trends, and highlighting things that are catching my eye in the home decor world.

Phew. How’s that for a Monday announcement? Nothing from me, and then BAM, a whole list of reasons why. And not only that, but MIDTERMS are starting this week. Sheesh! But you guys know well enough that I can’t go for too long without more DIY projects. This week, I’ll be starting on the upper kitchen cabinets (and have to run out this afternoon just to grab the paint). My aunt and uncle are coming into town in just a few weeks, so the goal is to get the cabinets finished in time to jump right into the counter, sink, faucet, and other DIY projects when they get here. I’ve already picked up the sink, and she’s a beauty!

I think I need another cup of coffee.

P.S. Update: Sandra wrote a recap on her experience too! Check that out here. And I’ll be sure to nag remind you about the premiere and subsequent episodes when things start heating up next month!

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  1. DAMN!!!! You go girl! Couldn’t be more proud of all of your accomplishments! You knock my socks off daily! Keep us posted on when the show airs!!!

  2. When it rains, it pours! I knew there had to be a reaaaaally good reason you were AWOL. But never expected all of that! Congratulations! We already knew how awesome you are, and now, the whole world will know too – and how cool is that?!

    1. Crazy thing, it’s FIVE episodes! The way they do it is to break down a single challenge for the entire season. So Sandra and I will be in all of them for this season. Totally surreal!

  3. Outstanding! Congratulations! I hope you enjoyed Phoenix, even though you didn’t find the time to stop by and help us DIY slice up our fallen cactus.

    1. Dude, I wish I had more time to see the rest of Phoenix! I don’t think that city has seen the last of me. Way too beautiful for only one trip. The only free time I really got was on the last day, just before my flight back home. I could barely move :) Next time I get the chance to visit, I’ll give you a shout!

  4. AAAHHHHH!!!! HOLY MAMA MIA! This is too exciting!! I am so happy for you! I can’t believe the bomb you dropped–TV show, contributing editor for a .com and magazine. I about died when I saw it was Sandra–sheesh–did they have to put you up against the QUEEN of power tools and DIYing? YIKES! What a great experience! YEAH SARAH! YOU ROCK! Now go rock out those darn midterms too!

  5. Goodness, girl! Look at you go! So excited for you to have all these new opportunities – I can’t wait to see the Homestretch episode :-)

  6. Super cool! Wish I was in the USA so I could see the show!
    Best wishes for midterms, and the kitchen :)


  7. So excited for you – I can’t wait to see the episodes. I know you worked your butt off – you deserve this!

  8. Rock on with your bad selves!! I love Sandra, and I know you two rocked it OUT. Cannot wait to see the shows!

    1. Come closer to the actual “air time” (it’s webisodes, so I’m finding the vocabulary a little strange), I’ll give the full play-by-play so everyone can read on what it was really like to experience. I laughed, I almost cried, I threw things. And Sandra was amazing!!!

  9. Hey Congratulations! We need more shows like that here in Australia. I love a good diy show! Lisa xo

    1. Well, these will be online, so you can catch ’em! Or just pressure the SheKnows folks to make a second season with Sandra and I on an all-expenses trip ;)

  10. Wahoo!! Holy shit!! That’s seriously insane! Congrats! I’m so excited for you!

      1. In our house crap is a bad word, I now use stinky poo poo and other interesting fill ins. Please believe I’ll be using big girl language where I can! :p

  11. neat neat neat. love Sandra and this most certainly will be a must see. pritty good… new mag – well done. good luck on exams and continued success with the kitchen redo. cheers. jb

  12. WOW!! What awesome news!! Is SheKnowsTV an online channel or do you know what providers carry that network?

    I just vacationed in Phoenix in August. It was absolutely gorgeous and I don’t care what anyone says – Phoenix’s 108 degree dry temp heat feels way better than any 80+ degree day of pure humidity in GA. I didn’t expect to love a desert landscape so much.

    1. I loved the landscape too! Really neat. And SheKnowsTV (as far as I know) is online only, so these are technically webisodes I guess?

  13. Oooooh…that’s all so awesome! Congrats on all the new opportunities! Can’t wait to see the episode!!!