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Yup. We went redneck this week.

But, I swear it’s for a good cause.


The cause: my new powder room! The sleeves are rolled up, the paint is picked out, and the dizzying wallpaper is gone. Let’s Git-R-Done!

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  1. I swear I’m not a crazy stalker but I’ve been totally enjoying reading your blog archives from the first post to…this one. And then the “next” link suddenly stopped working and I discovered the archives page is broken. Sad! I’m so inspired seeing your DIY growth. We have an ugly duckling of a home ourselves and I need all the inspiration I can get. How can I keep reading your story? What happened after this? I’m dying to know!

    1. Thanks for letting me know! As it happens with blogs over time, some older posts might get redirected thanks to fancy-pants smart features meant to fix other things (I think that’s what happened here). So, here’s a link for you to see all posts in 2010 which will let you pick right up again. I’ll look to getting that post’s URL fixed as soon as I can!

      1. Thanks for making this fix! Maybe I’m alone in this but I really like seeing the growth from “I don’t really know what I’m doing” to “Wow check out my amazing skills.” I used to be a blogger and I always loved the growth and transformation I could see as people explored their passions. These days everything is so polished and professional, and it’s hard to see that all this DIY is truly possibly for normal people with day jobs. I wish archives were easier to navigate on blogs these days. I am still finding it really difficult to navigate to a specific place in your blog’s archives. Maybe that’s intentional, but I wish it was easier…

        1. Guilty! So, so guilty and I’m trying to clean it up! I’m actually working on adding an archives screen as we speak, but since I have the ability to pick your brain about it, I’d love to know directly from you… what would make it easiest for you to find what you’re looking for? More search bars? Or just a simple page of everything listed out by year? A little trick for finding things by year on blogs is USUALLY to type in their URL and then put the year after the slash, so for example I have 2013 as “uglyducklinghouse.com/2013/” and so on. You can also do the same process with month (so for example, October 2013 is uglyducklinghouse.com/2013/10/). Images aren’t necessarily there, but the links are (some images are missing because assigning a “featured image” on a post requires going BACK through all your archives and figuring out what’s missing and uploading new photos, which takes a considerable period of time because WordPress doesn’t make that super easy to sort through, especially if you’re trying to also publish new content… I just get overwhelmed trying to maintain it all myself that I fail HARD at staying organized). But if you would love to share specifically what you’d love to see in an archive page, I will take that into consideration on my next launch! Feedback is so, so important on stuff like this.

          Just so you have them, here is each year of my blog:
          (see why it’s a LONG cleanup project? Ha! Working on it…)

        2. Oh and hey! Thanks to you, I realized that my archives page (where it just straight up lists links by organization or lack thereof) was showing blank and is now fixed. So, THANK YOU for leading me to this! Here is the archives page: ARCHIVES (you can also type uglyducklinghouse.com/archives/ into the address bar and it will take you straight there anytime).

          1. Thanks for fixing the archives pages so fast! I’m still enjoying reading through your story, and it’s been really inspiring me to start working on my house again. It’s awesome!