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First things first: I’m the realest before sharing details about my New York trip (and an outdoor project… and a giveaway coming up!), I wanted to share a sneak peek of some of the dining room accessories making themselves at home.

As soon as the paint was dry on the last wall, I could hardly wait to sweep off the floor again before throwing a few things together (I actually did sweep up, but my flip flops were dirty from another project and tracked things back in before snapping pics… dammit). I was desperate to see if everything would look as good in person as they did when I first drafted my mood board.

I’ve been hanging on to some of these items for a long time in anticipation of having the walls finished, so even if something didn’t work, I’d be disappointed, but thrilled that things are finally at this stage. The chairs were shoved into each corner as a way to move them back into the room without taking up space; the rugs need to be sprayed down with some Scotch Guard before moving the table back in (to prevent puppy paw prints – and apparently my project-laden flip flops – from ruining them).

When I originally saw these rugs on display (FERLE, from Ikea), they were being used for a kid’s room, but I saw them as the perfect navy to help ground the brighter blue wall paint. I needed something much larger to fill out the space than the 4×6 size it comes in, so I bought two and will join them together with some strong tape on the back to create one large rug (it’s a great trick for creating a large area rug when you can’t afford to buy them in a custom size; and since they will join under the table, most of the seam will be hidden from view).

The room’s design is monochromatic (you can also spy a small bundle on top of one of the chairs with another blue pattern, which are the curtains I’ve yet to hang). While most of these photos seem on the bright side, the only window in the room faces a shaded back yard, so things stay somewhat dim in here most of the time – letting me go a little bolder with color choices. There’s one additional element I’m contemplating to mix things up a little too:

I flat-out LOVE this mirror. There’s just something about its peacocky pattern and copper hue that immediately grabbed me (not to mention, it’s BIG, and I love statement art pieces). I picked it up from Homegoods clearance at least a year ago, but didn’t really take it into consideration for the room until now. I like the color contrast against the blue, but it’s also a contender against one of the more neutral walls in the living room. I’m letting it hang out in here until I’ve made up my mind.


Sure, my dining room is still missing the mark in terms of actual function, but as each piece finds a home, I’m getting more and more excited about the part of these DIY projects that I so seldom seem to reach:

Pretty soon, this room is going to be finished enough to enjoy.

I’m even going to sit at a table in this room.

With other people.

With things I’ve cooked (or if I burn the meal – a likely scenario – something I’ve conveniently purchased and placed on dishes to make people think I’ve cooked).

Huh. Weird.

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  1. It looks great!!! I love how all the blues and pattern just perk up the room. I’m in process of moving into a new house, and I’m coming from a really traditional Cape Cod to a much funkier and more modern, yet vintage, 50’s ranch. I wish that I could visualize how things will look together when still in the store, but so far, I’m lacking in that department. I have to haul it in and see in situ, which is a total pain in the ass.

  2. ooohhhh I am a BIG FAN of that mirror. It looks great up against the blue! And I’ll be interested to see how you join those rugs together, I’ve been thinking about doing that in our bedroom (since the bed would hide the seam)

  3. Ha, is it crazy that I feel super excited to see this room finished too?!?! And I too love that mirror, I don’t necessarily see it in that room but I could be totally wrong. I love your decorations in general so far. And on a random note, what made you realize you wanted to do this work as your life career? The reason I ask is I’m in the search for a real career now but find my introverted personality doesn’t fit too great for the majority of careers these days:/.