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In my family, we pass down glass ornaments that get put on the tree year after year. Some of the favorites on my tree bring back memories from when I used to put them on the family tree as a kid. Scott’s ornaments, however, have always been intended for no other tree but his own. You see, when he was born, his grandmother bought him his first Hallmark ornament. As each year passed, she would add to the collection.

My favorite of his collection is this JOY ornament, but almost all of the ones in his Hallmark set have the year marked on them. That way, we know the very first, like his little rocking horse (circa 1983).

There are a number of Santas, but this one makes me laugh. Santa apparently enjoys golf, just like Scott.

Two of them are designed so that a Christmas light can be inserted inside of them, like this set of owls.

And some are more traditional. The little bells actually ring when the tree is bumped.

The mix of non-glittery Hallmark ornaments with my shimmery ones is what makes our tree unique and special. Our first Christmas in this house represents us both, something that was important to me when I began looting the garage for decor ideas. The tree not only represents us, but each of our families too, so even though Scott’s grandmother has passed, we are carrying on our family traditions.

Now, I’m off to bake hard-boiled egg cookies (yes, you read that right) and grab some hot chocolate. Feel free to share me links of your Christmas trees; I’d love to see them!

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  1. The ornaments are a great representation of the mingling of your styles- and very successfully.

  2. I grew up with the one-ornament-a-year tradition, too, although it was my parents who gave them to me. They still do, too! :)