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Catch the full details on this no-sew DIY Disgust costume inspired by Disney-Pixar’s Inside Out. Perfect for cosplay or Halloween!

I’ve been meaning to share this DIY costume with you guys since last year!

Disney Pixar's Inside Out homemade costume

For those of you who remember me going all out in 2015 on my Katy Perry costume, you already know that I freaking LOVE Halloween. And perhaps more than the holiday itself, I freaking LOVE the challenge of making my own costumes and have often come up with them last-minute.

Inside Out cosplay - Fear Disgust Sadness
My pals, Fear and Sadness

So when my friends asked me in 2016 to do a group costume inspired by Disney-Pixar’s Inside Out where each of us would dress up as one of Riley’s emotions (Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear, and Sadness), we had tons of fun bringing them all to life! And as we all know from the movie, these kinds of bonding moments with friends make great core memories. ;)

For my part, I chose Disgust — arguably the BEST character in Headquarters (and the only emotion I would put this much work into) — as voiced in the movie by Mindy Kaling. As you can see, we really got into taking our own spins on each one, but I tried to be as true to the original character as possible. It was just as much fun to act in character all night… with finding all the drinks, food, and other people’s costumes totally subpar to my high expectations (it was all in good fun though, of course — it was important to over-act and only focus on silly subjects, and I occasionally dropped in movie references such as being in charge of the console, how much I dislike broccoli, etc.).

I mean, ew… you dressed like THAT??? How gross.

disgust inside out - cosplay halloween costume - staying in character by saying phrases like ew and barf
These snacks? Okay, barf.

Putting it together really wasn’t that difficult at all. I found most of my supplies and makeup in inexpensive places and, thanks to my Prime membership, was able to get everything shipped to me just a few days before my friend’s Halloween party. I’ve listed out the individual details of each component of my costume below, but I also have affiliate links for you to track similar items online if you wish to bookmark this post (since I basically sourced most of it in person with a limited timeline, and that kind of limits your options — so if your planning stages are more organized than mine, you’ll have ample opportunity to order these things).

DIY Disgust Costume – Inspired by Inside Out

DIY Disgust Dress:

  • sleeveless green dress from Target / similar
  • for the fabric design of the lime green and dark teal splat-like shapes, I used similarly colored puffy paints and just let them dry; all of it was hand-drawn and free-form, which let me put lots of extra sparkle into the dress






  • purpley-pink ballet flats / similar


I didn’t try to duplicate the light green skin too much, so I just used the green makeup I had to add a slight tinge to my face and neck area but left my arms alone.

  • Lips & Eyes: purpley-pink/orchid lipstick stain, blush, and pink eye shadow / similar
  • Accents: kelly green eyeshadow for my eyebrows and other shading accents / similar


The majority of questions I get on this costume is how I made the very dramatic green eyelash extensions. And this is where I get all proud like I solved a Rubik’s cube (even though this was significantly less frustrating). Instead of using store-bought faux long eyelashes, I made mine with paper!

Notes: Honestly, I hate falsies and hate the feeling of something on my eye, so I set a goal to make this as least-irritating as possible, especially since putting anything with traditional glitter near your eye can be irritating and scratchy (so use extra caution when putting this together!). First, I cut out an extra-long teardrop shape for each individual lash, then glued them together in clumps of three for each side. The benefit of card stock is that it can hold its shape a little better than normal paper, so I added a little glitter on both sides of the paper with Mod Podge — leaving the end that would go on my skin glitter-free — and then shaped them into a sort of curved shape so that they would  bow outward from my face (which ultimately led to less annoyed picking at them later from them getting tangled with my real lashes). I put on falsies with thick black eyeliner with eyelash glue, but I used the same glue to then paste the cardstock near the corners of my eye. This proved far easier and less heavy for my eyelids than trying to glue them to the falsies (which was my original plan until I realized this would work better).

And there ya have it!

Homemade Inside Out costumes Fear and Disgust

As I mentioned, I kind of meant to share this DIY with you guys a long time ago… as it happened all the way back in 2016. I also did a second costume last year when I dressed up as Sia for my run club’s Halloween run, but that was just plain funny since I really only needed the wig and some red lipstick, and the rest was my normal black running attire. I had to run without the wig because it was impossible to see wearing it!

Sia costume

Next up: I want to share this year’s DIY costume with you too, but that’s long enough for one post and I’ll have that tutorial for you I hope tomorrow… just under the wire. ;)

Happy Halloween, and happy DIYing!

Grab Your Supplies for This Costume:

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