fall home decor picks - blue green and ivory

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Check out this roundup of some of my favorite fall decor for 2018, plus catch a mini house tour to see how far this house has come!

Living in the south during fall is a little bit weird. When the rest of the country begins obsessing over cozy blankets, pumpkins, and leaves turning, the weather in Georgia is still, unamusingly, humid and warm.

It honestly feels really strange to have friends invite you to go apple picking when you’re still wearing tank tops and slapping mosquitoes off your still-bare knees. But finally… blissfully… it’s jeans-and-flannel-shirt season again. And, to celebrate, I’ve got a little roundup of fall decor that has me feeling festive. I seem to be really in love with blue-green colors as of late, so I’ve got lots of them on this list!

Fall 2018 Decor Picks: Blue, Green, & White

fall home decor picks - blue green and ivory

‘Thankful’ SignGreen VaseDecorative Framed Knots Wall HangWire Decorative Pumpkins  • Wool Felt Succulent FlowersThrow PillowWoven Basket  • Set of 3 Green/Ivory Pumpkin Décor  • Plaid Sherpa Throw BlanketServing Platter  • Macrame Hanging Woven Tapestry  • Fall Bucket List Sign  • Succulent PumpkinApple Cider Donut CandleFloral Wreath-hoopWoven Lumbar Pillow

In all honesty, this year has been too cramped to transition my decor into fall (like I did last year), so I’m kind of living vicariously through these images. When K and I cleaned the house back up after Mom’s retirement party at the end of last month, there wasn’t a single ounce of me that wanted to decorate for autumn or Halloween. I just wanted a clean slate and to sit in front of the fire as soon as the weather cooled down.

So, even though I did take a video tour of the lower level after having friends and family over a few weekends in a row, it isn’t some heavily-decorated sort of thing. It just IS. It’s a mess, and I’m okay with it. Because it’s nice to share the beautifully styled photos. It’s also nice to show that this is a very normal house with me in my bathrobe and an empty wine rack because we drank the last of it at dinner the night before and there are dog nose prints on the sliding glass door. It’s life.

2018 Messy House Tour (Lower Level)

I’m choosing to soak in the season with activities, rather than decorating, this time around: cozy fires, inviting friends over, and basically just talking about the weather to an annoying level. Ya know what I mean? Some years, I’m very much in the mood to welcome the season with decor (Christmas is going to be exactly that, I think). Some years, I’m just not feeling like it.

And, just for funsies, I tracked down an old house tour video for comparison! I’m now going to upload it to my House Tour page for the kitchen as well (constantly trying to update those pages!). Here ya go:

Throwback: Work-In-Progress (Kitchen Reno) House Tour

Soon enough, Christmas will be on its way. I’m already trying to finish a Christmas cross stitch and a woodworking DIY ornament project (different from last year’s) so I can get them up in time to share, and there’s even more work to be done in the garage, starting this weekend. Our plans on turning the garage into a functional workshop space for more woodworking (and even welding??? possibly! I’m excited!) are on the way, too.

Hope you’re having a wonderful week, and I’d love to hear about your fall activities! Are you soaking in fall from the periphery like me, or is your home full-on embracing the seasonal decor with pumpkins aplenty?

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  1. So many changes since I first started following your blog. Your design and building skills are awesome.

    1. That’s such a wonderful thing to say, Linda! It’s been quite the journey for me. It gets me so excited about what’s yet to come!

  2. Our house is torn apart right now too… I decorated a little bit for fall, but ended up having to remove it all for construction anyway. ?

    1. Yeah, decorating when you’re still demoing can feel like a no-win scenario. I’ve gone many years without decorating for that very reason. But just keep the faith that you’ll get to decorate things a little better someday, and it makes things a little more worth it!

  3. Your home is really coming along nicely. The back yard looks fabulous! You should be very proud of yourself!!!!