DIY slatted planter on wheels with snake plant

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Happy Friday, friends! As you guys have seen in prior months, I’ve been featuring a few of my favorite bloggers about once a month for a blog swap. It’s something kinda “old school” that bloggers used to do back in the day (pre- Pinterest and Instagram) to help bloggers and readers find each other and get more inspiration. We’re bringing it back with this series in 2018! Today, I’m over on Stacy from Not Just a Housewife’s blog (whom I’m sure some of you know and love already) sharing a few highlights from my DIY past. And that means Stacy is over here today to share some of her favorites. She is AMAZING and sweet and I hope you’ll love these projects of hers! Take it away, Stacy:

Modern Woodworking Projects to Consider While the Weather’s Still Warm

easy modern woodworking projects

Hello UDH readers! I am so thrilled to be visiting today. Sarah is such a kick butt DIYer and I am lucky to have met her several times in real life.

I live in Utah and I share the journey of fixing up our 1938 home. My blog is full of budget friendly DIY projects, decorating ideas, gardening, and family life. Sarah and I both share a love of building things so I thought I would share some of favorite wooden diy projects with you today.

1. L Shaped Beds

I’m a mom to four boys and I recently gave both boy bedrooms a complete overhaul including building new beds for them all. This mountain themed room is long and narrow so to make the most of this space, I built the beds in an L shape with extra storage space underneath. I went with an understated rustic look and couldn’t be happier. Check out the full tutorial here.

2. Sliding Planter Wall

This spring I installed a paver patio in my backyard. I wanted a way to hide the electrical boxes on the back of our house that would still allow me to access them when needed. I built this sliding wall. It’s a pretty basic project so beginner woodworkers could knock this out in a weekend. I chose to stain it a rich color but using pallet wood could also look super cool for a farmhouse feel.

3. Floating Bathroom Shelves

Gutting a bathroom is a dirty job, and while it is fun in its own way, the really fun stuff is in the finishing details. I built floating shelves for above the toilet for added storage. I love how the whole bathroom turned out, especially the sliding mirror

4. Outdoor Chairs

We have lived at this house for 11 years and last year I finally got around to building chairs for the fire pit. Now we don’t have to haul out the dining room chairs every time we want a fire! These are really easy to build too. Bonus: You could make one or two at a time using up scraps from other DIYs.

5. Modern Planter

I am a crazy plant lady. I have an obsession with buying plants. With each new plant, the hunt for the perfect planter begins. A lot of the time I end up making the planter because I have a specific look in mind. This slatted planter is a super simple woodworking project! I recently did a round up of my favorite 15 DIY planters from my blog.

6. DIY Bench

My front door leads directly into our family room. I needed to create the feel of an entry way in a tiny space. I built this bench and it works perfectly! It’s also light enough that I can bring it outside to use as an outdoor bench. 

Thanks for letting me share today. I would love it if you checked out my site. I have been working all summer on a makeover on the exterior of our house that I will be sharing soon. Our basement is our next big project after that. Lots of fun things will be popping up on the blog and I’d love for you to follow along!

Having Stacy from Not Just a Housewife really inspired me to round up some of my favorite modern DIY wood projects as well. So as a bonus, here are 5 more builds I’ve made in the past.

7. DIY House Numbers Sign for the Mailbox

This a great project for anyone relying on food delivery these days! With a little creativity, some scrap wood, and these free woodworking plans, you’ll be able to put this together a modern address sign in a weekend or less.

8. DIY Stacked Plywood Planters

Beginner woodworking projects can yield some really cool décor accessories, like this plywood planter. This one requires a couple power tools and wood glue to flex your woodworking skills. In the end, you’ll be able to crank out a few of these to scatter around your house or give as gifts. Another cool idea would be to make bigger ovals and stack shorter to form a tray! You really can craft these to fit any need and vibe you want.

stacked plywood planter with teal dip dye

9. DIY “Floating U” Wall Shelves

Add some function to a small space with a single piece of wood! My bathroom definitely needed a warm wooden touch that filled this space better than the dinky cabinet that was there before. I was able to load them up with the important things (like TP) and bring in some accessories like picture frames and plants. Even though these are really simple shelves, I’ve included the step by step instructions as well as a video on this post.

styling floating u shelves in downstairs half bath

10. DIY Air Plant Wall Art from Scrap Wood

 Let’s take a minute to admire this simple framed wall art that packs a ton of punch. Have you seen all the awesome air plant wall art out there? I love the look, so I decided to use up some scraps (I always have pieces of scrap wood laying around) to make a unique and pretty piece of wall art. Because air plants are fairly low maintenance, this would be great hanging in spaces above the couch or in a kid’s room.

diy scrap plywood air plant wall art

11. DIY No-Slip Dog Feeder

Upgrade your pooch’s mealtime situation with a sleek feeder station. You’ll need a jigsaw and orbital sander, but that’s about it as far as power tools go. Raising feed bowls offers so many benefits for pups and owners (hellooo less flipping and spilling). Gotta love those easy woodworking projects that marry form and function!

diy no slip dog feeder

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