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If there is such a thing, I’m definitely in “house mode.”  I’m beginning to see home design ideas in very unexpected places. For example, while taking a trip to the salon this past weekend, the TV above the shampoo area had a beautiful spring fashion show. I couldn’t help but think how cute this skirt would be if converted into a chair or window coverings:

Or even a gorgeous painting I saw online once? I am seeing it now in a watercolor print all over our guest room accent pillows. Of course, just having it hanging against the blank kitchen wall would be nice, too!
Or even in a simple embellished tee from Ann Taylor Loft has my mind buzzing. The texture would be great on an accent pillow, or even hanging in my bathroom as a small art piece. I think I’ll actually attempt this one after my craft room is functioning again.
Not to mention, the modern yet vintage-looking wallpaper patterns I’m seeing would look great as curtains or as a print on a dining chair.
I swear, home décor is now my kryptonite. Is there such a thing as Decorators Anonymous? I Googled it. As it turns out, there’s a website, but it’s not a 12-step kind of site; it’s for people wanting purchase the services of expert decorators. Isn’t that enabling?


So, I’ve decided to become the first *real* member of what I think Decorators Anonymous should be:  a group of people, admitting their décor dependence, and joining together to help one another claim back their paint-and-drywall-dust-covered lives. Only, this isn’t something one has to do cold turkey; decorating is tons of fun, which is why it’s so satisfying in the first place. But it embraces the idea that we’ve allowed ourselves to be completely consumed with DIY-related thoughts and now are taking the first step toward admitting our obsession.
I’m pretty sure I’m never going to get past the first step, but they say admitting you have a problem is the hardest part. If that’s true, I think I’ll be letting me and my weakness off the hook for now. We’ve come so far already. ;)

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