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You’ve heard of magical thinking, right?

Magical thinking is basically superstition – where by doing one thing that couldn’t logically have influence on the outcome of an event, but one acts as if it does. For example, during a recent football game, we noticed that every time one of our friends went into the kitchen for another slice of pizza, Georgia scored or made a good play. When he came back, nothing as exciting happened.

You know where this is heading, right? He was banned to watch from the kitchen for the rest of the game.

Mourning the passing this week of Larry Munson, the beloved voice of the Georgia Bulldogs for 42 years. A true legend and a Damn Good Dawg.

I admit to magical thinking frequently. But something I do that maybe others do not is something I like to call magical shopping.

Magical shopping is my theory that if I spend time thinking and planning large purchases with every detail in place, even though I don’t really have the money at the time, that the money (and the sale to make it happen) will somehow turn up.

Perhaps others would just consider this planning. But I’ve done this countless times with Black Friday types of purchases. Things somehow always seem to fall into place. The item goes on special sale and that last $100 I was saving for is no longer needed.

Lately, my magical thinking purchase has been a new washer and dryer. As you’ve seen with some of the rigging that had to be done last year, my washer and dryer are sort of on their last legs. Don’t get me wrong, they work very well considering their original price tag ($250 for the pair) and have lasted for several years and through several moves. The dollars I spent on the set are basically stretched tighter than Bruce Jenner’s face.

But they take forever to do a load. And I hate mega-loathe doing laundry in the first place, so I need all the efficiency and speed I can get. And they are certainly not energy efficient. And they are beige. Blech. They make even the cleanest of days (a rarity in the first place) in that room still look dirty.

However, since school is approaching and I can’t really afford the time or the money to re-do the laundry room as a whole (it still needs a tile floor, and I don’t think that would be a good item to tack on between now and mid-January), my dreams of having a swanky new washer and dryer will have to wait. It would be wonderful to have it as my triumphant Black Friday purchase, but I’m going conservative with my spending this year and just waiting it out.

What I’d love to happen in the next six months is to find the perfect front loading, energy efficient, high load capacity washer and dryer to replace them. And, if I’m lucky, it will be stainless.

But whiter sets are usually cheaper, and they can still look quite impressive if the rest of the room goes high tech. Just check out that sexy awesome stainless wall tile:


So, even though I’m not arranging installation at the moment, I’m still eager to live vicariously through you hear about your Black Friday goals. Are you buying any big-ticket items? Anything for yourself, or are you looking for gifts only? Lots of luck!

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