new house sneak peek front of house 1920s colonial revival

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Hi friends! Just wanted to pop onto the blog today to tell you we found our new home in Virginia! Much like keeping the sale of my house in Georgia under wraps until it was DONE, I didn’t want to make a big to-do about finding our new home until the ink was signed and it was officially ours. It’s been a long process to get to this point, but I’m so excited to be able to share the first few pics with you!

signing for our new home

How we found it: our amazing realtor in Virginia, Angie Archibald. Those of you who are LONG (and I’m talking LONG-) time followers may recognize that name. Because she used to be a DIY BLOGGER! This is old school days, folks. Does anyone remember Angie In the Thick of It? That’s actually how I found her to work with her as our realtor. Her profile popped up on my Twitter, of all things, and I thought to myself, this is kismet. What are the odds that an old blog friend is now doing real estate in the exact areas we’re searching in?? So I reached out. She introduced us to a small city we never would have considered otherwise… including our new neighbors that we LOVE (she was their realtor, too!).

Our whole how-we-bought-it story is a bit winding and long, but we found our house OFF MARKET. And that’s something I think you guys should know about in case you’re ever looking for your next home like we were. I’ve got a much longer post in mind to share the nitty gritty of our process, and I think it will be an important one for anyone who is shopping for a home or wants to know of some creative ways of getting the deal done in a market where home inventory is really low (like it is right now). There are still smart options out there. We still wound up finding the perfect house for us and without settling for something we didn’t want! We also liked the previous homeowners and it’s part of what made it so easy to do something that required a little more patience; we knew they had truly loved the home and would be passing on something that we could love too.

But enough about that later, because that’s not what I promised. you in the title of this post. Dun du dun dunnnnn… our new home:

new house sneak peek front of house 1920s colonial revival

Isn’t it gorgeous????!!! Still pinching myself that this grand home is ours. And you might even be thinking that it’s so different from our first home… is this even my style? The answer is yes, but I’ll have to elaborate on that some more when I have the chance to give you a full video tour.

new house sneak peek rear of house 1920s colonial revival

And below? It’s a detached garage with a sunroom off the back. Hello, workshop and sun-filled creative studio for yours truly!

side of new house with detached garage
attached sunroom off of detached garage

Other features we love: it’s got tons of charm (the millwork. is. amazing.), it’s got a tiered backyard (I see lots of home gardening in our future!), and a basement (so, another bigger basement makeover will be coming your way!). It actually met quite a lot of our wish list. Do I sound excited? Because I AM SO EXCITED. I will actually be learning a LOT about restoration compared to my first home that was built in the early 80s. This home has 60+ more years of history I’ll need to know when I start making design choices (and the restoration community is very different from remodeling, but thankfully I have a few friends with older homes and lots of know-how who will be great teachers!).

detached garage and partial backyard view

We haven’t yet moved in (more details on why later) and that’s also why I haven’t shared interior photos, but I wanted to share just a few sneak peeks of the kind of home we have in store for makeovers, furniture builds, and so much more (and a place to park Ruby’s Revival, which is something I’m working on as we speak to get her road ready to move!).

Help us decide on the name!

We also need to figure out a NAME for this house. I called my last one “The Goldilocks House” because of how often I experienced something akin to this is too small, this is too big, but this is just right. I had a lot of learning to do for every project — from painting to plumbing — and the third attempt seemed to be the round when I’d finally start to figure it out. Granted, that may also be true for any house I live in… but buying a new home is a new opportunity for an official name. Ruby’s Revival was a fun one to brain storm with all of you, so I am very open to suggestions! I’m also combing back through the house’s records to see if any names of previous owners stand out.

Once the house is empty and we have officially moved in, I’ll share a proper video tour and walkthrough, as well as our first ideas of what’s on our new to-do list! For now, let’s just have a virtual group hug that our new home is now found and I cannot WAIT to start on this next chapter with you. Onto the next!!!

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    1. LOVE IT. Mainly because I loved that song a lot as a kid before I even understood the lyrics, and then identified with it a little too much as a young adult when I did, ha!

    1. I never would have thought of that name, but it’s fitting at the same time! Thank you, adding it to the list of options!

  1. Yay, congratulations! Maybe something with ‘Swan’ in the name since this gorgeous house is definitely not an ugly duckling?

  2. Love your blog…just wish there were more current blog posts. I find myself forgetting about the blog as it’s so long in between posts.

    1. I understand. Life is just very busy lately and the time block I need to write new posts is really hard at our temporary home with the toddler’s needs. Hopefully soon once the move is done, I can go back to more posts (and be sure to subscribe to the email list so you get notifications when new blog posts go live).