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While we’re making TONS of progress in the house lately, it always seems to be in pieces. Translation:  Is it blog-worthy if we’re unfinished?
So, instead of some big reveals today, I’ll just give you a few sneak peeks into what we’re doing here and there.
To start, I went shopping… and this time, Orange and Blue weren’t involved! I went to Homegoods and made a few early decor purchases (I say “early” because we’re still working on things like floors and walls). Can you guess what’s in these bags?
You bet! I’m dressing up our primary bedroom with something other than the ugly blue comforter (not that I have anything against the color, but the comforter is quite cheap).
Also, we FINALLY began working downstairs in the dining room on installing the laminate (we had to temporarily postpone our progress due to the wonderful new carpet upstairs – can you tell I’m still in awe?). Scott actually was able to do all of this in only an hour, but we’re facing a bit of a challenge with the fireplace. Since the wood floors will be parallel to the stone hearth, we are wondering what to do with the potential gaps between the edge of the flooring and the uneven line of the stones. Should we use a transition piece? Should we try to edge out the laminate to match exactly (which sounds like a frustrating endeavor)? I think I’ll have to give an old friend a call to see if I can get some expert flooring advice (he works for the Lumber Liquidators in Florida). Otherwise, I think we’re stuck! Even though we are starting in the dining room, the open floorplan of the house will require installing the floors for both the dining room and living room at the same time, so we need to figure this out ASAP.
Our primary bedroom closet is getting even more improvements than the initial closet system install and shelving setup. But, before they can be done, we have to put back what we’ve (very haphazardly) taken out:  the baseboard trim. Which of course needs to be painted, so as usual, I’m using our saw“keg”horses:
And finally, we have a large-ish new addition to the house, which I will reveal soon in a future post!

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  1. Exciting! And that is too funny about your keg horses. LOVE it.

    We ran into the same problem installing our laminate.. we ended up painstakingly custom-cutting each piece so it would fit around the curves of each rock in our fireplace! It was tedious and exhausting, and took forever. Hopefully your man in Florida has a better solution!


  2. I'm a new follower, and can't wait to see the big reveal. And yes, it is blog worthy even if it's unfinished. The journey is just as important as the reveal!! Thanks for your sweet comments on my buffet. Hope you'll visit my blog. Look forward to seeing more from you.

  3. I know what you mean about blogging about small jobs completed here and there. I have the same conundrum every week. Do I really need to post that I did some more sanding/mudding/painting, etc? It is nice to read about your progress. It is exciting to get to the decor part, isn't it? We too are still in the “rip out walls, paint everything and install floors, windows, roofing” stage, rather than the more fun “icing on the cake” stage. I look forward to reading about your shopping and the furniture reveal.