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It’s been a while since we’ve had a good ol’ fashioned post about Charlie. For many of you, you’re already familiar with this sweet face:


For more than four years, this blog has had a furry, goofy mascot with tons of personality. Her name is Charlie, and she’s my crazy “kangaroo” mutt. Here she is, hanging out on my roof like a fearless nutjob.

Charlie on the roof

Sure, she’s timid as can be when tiptoeing across my laminate floors, but life just wouldn’t be interesting if she weren’t a total hypocrite when it came to actually dangerous things. She can also clear my six foot backyard fence like a world-class hurdler. Not to mention, she also seems very aware of her good looks.

i woke up like this

When I got Charlie as a pup, I did it mainly because I missed my ex’s dog (who used to live here) and felt lonely living in my house all by myself. I needed a companion, and adopting a sweet little furball from the Atlanta Humane Society seemed like a great idea… right up until she peed on my brand new carpet about five minutes after getting home. We clearly had a few things to work on.

A year after moving into my fixer upper, the first part of my family came together… just the two of us. And it’s been a riot ever since.

Sarah and puppy Charlie

Having a dog hasn’t always been easy, but she has grown to be an excellent companion. Whenever I’m busy on a project inside, she can’t help but get right into the action… even if it means walking into wet paint or getting dust on her nose.

Charlie supervising

She is always my little helper, ever-curious and wanting attention.


Her favorite spot in the house is on my painted staircase, about halfway up, keeping an eye on the window and the kids playing in the street. She is a much bigger fan of them than they are of her. Same for the pizza guy.

Charlie on the stairs

Her favorite toys have been the same since I got her home. Naturally, her rule of thumb seems to be that the more fuzzy mess it can make, the more fun there is to be had. I love spoiling her with them just as much, but those specialty “tough” toys can really get pricey when you throw in treats, dental chews, and all of the other goodies that taunt me from the pet store display shelves.

Puppy Charlie with her ball
Toys used to be too big for her!
Charlie and a plush toy
Now… not so much.

As if I needed an excuse to spoil her more, it just so happens that this is National Dog Week. Beneful asked if they could send over a box of goodies to help Charlie celebrate, and I happily agreed since there’s always a difference between spoiling my dog and having the funds to spoil her as much as I want to. The care package they sent came with a few things that I already know she’ll love, including two packages of dental chews and two tennis balls (this is the only pic I got with everything in the box, since she immediately took off with a ball up the stairs before I could snap another pic!). I see lots of vacuuming of little fuzzy bits in my future, but it’s a small price to pay for her contentment.

Purina Beneful package

And as for the treats? Charlie-approved.

Charlie-approved treat

Toys and snacks aside, to “celebrate” National Dog Week, Charlie and I have spent a lot of it outside, trying to enjoy this fall weather as much as we can. Even though I’ve been busy with lots of gardening, she is perfectly happy to play and watch me work… provided that she gets the occasional belly rub or trip to the park.

Charlie running

Beneful is also celebrating this week by offering everyone a $3 off coupon for a 13 lb. or greater size bag of food (which you can get here). And of course, a giveaway! You know how I love simple entry, so all you have to do to enter is use the Rafflecopter widget below and leave a comment on this post about your pup. What’s your favorite activity to share with your pooch? What’s the funniest thing they’ve ever done? Etc., etc. (funny entries keep me entertained while I approve comments). Giveaway is now closed. Here are the full details:

Beneful product line of food

  • Prize: A fun box of goodies from Beneful
  • Number of winners: 1
  • Giveaway ends: Wednesday, September 30 11:59 PM
  • Ships: U.S. only.
  • To enter: leave a comment on this post about your furry BFF (What’s your favorite activity to share with your pooch? What’s the funniest thing they’ve ever done?) & mark that you’ve entered on Rafflecopter (you must do both to achieve entry).

Beneful Healthy Smile Twists

If you want to celebrate National Dog Week even more, feel free to share a pic of your pup by using the hashtags #NationalDogWeek and #FriendsWithBeneful on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram. Lots of luck, and enjoy!


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  1. We have two four legged kids. They are so funny. The wire fox terrier hangs over the back of the recliner so he can watch the neighborhood out of the door and little Bella sits in a chair in front of the window so she can alert us to every neighbor’s activity. The snuggles at night are too precious.

    1. Charlie is a good snuggler too. She gets a little overzealous sometimes and tries to sneak up a little too high on the bed (so that I have nowhere to lay).

  2. I have two beasts. One can’t get enough of her frisbee, and the other will chase a ball for hours.

  3. My pup has been wih me for 3 years and is such a diva, her fave spot in the house is in one of her many homemade beds. Her bum refuses to sit on the hardwood floor…plush or bust for her!

  4. We have 6 rescue dogs in our house, so narrowing it down to one favorite activity or funny thing they have done is next to impossible. The dog who amuses us the most at our house is Rodney Patrick (yes all of our dogs have first, middle, and last names) and is pretty much a walking contridiction, he is afraid of the smallest things (like bees, spiders, and moths) but fearless when it comes to people, snakes, and just about any other living creature that’s not a bug.
    When we brought him home he couldn’t walk or stand for that matter (puppy mill & small cages = severe leg damage), teaching him how to talk was one of the most rewarding things we have every done, and though he still walks a little funny (and sits like a person all the time, legs out resting on his butt), it’s so great to watch him run through our yard and bound up and down the stairs.

      1. One of our dogs is Charlie too, well technically her name is Husker Charlie, but she prefers Charlie (or Charles when she is in big trouble)

  5. It’s not a funny thing, but Bulldogs like to chew! Chase left him out of his crate when he was a puppy and he ATE the coffee table; true story.

  6. Charlie is too cute! Those ears and the thinking wrinkles give such character. Thank you for adopting her. Our yellow tornado and I love going to the forest preserve for a walk followed by a swim in the river. Our beast loves hunting for mice along our walk and has been known to carry dead flattened mice like it’s an Academy Award. The pit bull/lab mix loves belly flops and picking up turtles in the river. Bonus points if there are canoes or ducks to chase after, preferably people canoeing with little weiner dog passengers. Shenanigans are guaranteed!

  7. We have two rescued pit bulls that I love with all my heart. Tonight our Miss Candy jumped up and stole a quesadilla and really love it. She had 9 inches of her intestine removed when she was 6 months old and ate a doll’s head (not at our house). She just can’t seem to get enough food now ever. Her sister Nina is the real little lady in the house. Your dog is beautiful.

  8. I think I just adopted Charlie’s twin sister :) Same face, same expressive ears, very energetic and affectionate. She is a rescue from the south too (I’m Upstate NY). Did you ever find out what breed she could be? Shepherd mix maybe? Thanks

  9. My dog is a total nut job as well… He’s a 20lb black and white mini schnauzer that absolutely hates buzzers, bells, beeps and cheering noises, aka sports on tv. Every time we have a game on (doesn’t matter which kind), he climbs on an end table and sits under the table lamp. Try and stop him? He’ll just keep at it until he can sit in safety under his lamp. We gave up and just let him do his thing, it’s a lot easier on all of us!

  10. My mini Aussie blue heeler mix, Sheila, is a riot! She loves to come along when I go to work on the nature preserves. The other day this little fiercely brave dog took off after a deer. She bounded about 5 yards, then suddenly realized there’s no way in hell she’s going to catch a deer, so she sat down and acted like she’d just been sitting around all day. Silly girl!

  11. We have 4 rescue pups. Everyday is a box of shenanigans. My husband runs a city animal shelter so he often takes one or two pups to work with him. He takes one pretty often and usually takes him to city council meetings, before things start he lets him wander around off leash, before you know it our special dog is sitting in the Mayors chair ready to start the meeting.

  12. I love all things dogs and I’m a sucker for a new toy or ball that you can get outside and let them run.

  13. My favorite activity with my dog is taking him swimming. He loves to swim and will do it for hours if I let him!

  14. I love playing Frisbee with my pup. She’s just so funny, running and catching the Frisbee. She always makes me laugh.

  15. I currently have 3 golden retrievers galumphing around my house: 1 8-year old foster fail that I adopted a year and a half ago and 2 fosters who are a mother and son, ages 3 and 2. It’s quite a lot of work keeping up with 3 dogs, but mostly because the 2 fosters were neglected and had to be taught basic house training and manners. They are adorable though and my dog is a perfect gentleman and is sharing his home and his mama generously. The funniest thing the fosters do is, because they only know one command so far, “sit”, and they are so excited about learning it, they don’t just sit down, they scoot their little butts closer and closer to me to really show me how well they have learned this command. My dog has a funny dance he does when he’s excited, he twirls and twirls and often has a toy in his mouth that he is showing off at the same time, but is twirling so fast you can’t really catch it until he gets tired and stops. I feel like my dog is spoiled enough as an only child, but these fosters could use some spoiling so that’s why I’m entering this giveaway – thanks!

  16. My favorite is pretending that the cat is a mortal enemy, but walking outside one day to find the dog and cat happily napping together.

  17. We have a black lab mix. He’s incredibly friendly, but not so smart… He’s afraid of worms and plastic bags flapping in the wind!

  18. My Furry BFF is actually my brother’s German Shepherd, Though she lived with me for the better part of a year over last winter/spring because she was sick and needed surgery and he didn’t have the time to keep up on her meds because of his insane work schedule at the time. Now every time I go to his house I get the biggest warmest greeting and she will only leave my side to go chasing balls and roll around in the yard. And there are some nights that I end up sleeping over and she lays right next to me on the floor through the whole night (she’s not allowed on their furniture, but she used to snug up next to me on my bed when she stayed at my house). As my brothers kids put it, I’m her mommy, and their mom is her step-mommy. :) funny how a kids brain works that sort of thing out.

  19. My parents were pet (dog and cat) sitting for me a month ago. They had bread rolls with dinner and left them in a bowl on the table while they went to their neighbor’s house. They came back and found one of the rolls missing. The next day they found it upstairs in their bedroom. All we can figure out is that the cat managed to knock one out of the bowl onto the floor where the dog stole it and ran upstairs with it. Lol. Never a dull moment when you have a furbaby.

  20. Oh my Moose is a huge dork. He’s 119 lbs of chocolate lab love. He has a tendency to build too much momentum coming down the stairs, and ends up taking out a side table routinely. He loves his boys and will sneak up onto their beds to snuggle if they let him. He does a silly little “hungry hop” when it’s time to eat…bounces up and down like a rabbit on crack until we give him the ok to dig in!

    Love me my Moosie…he’s a great walking companion, and he sounds really tough, so nobody messes with us in the black of night when I finally have time (and it’s cool enough!) to walk!

  21. My favorite activity to do with my dog is cuddle! He is an older dog (10!) and doesn’t run around the way he used to, but he is always down for some snuggles and a belly rub!

  22. My dog (a 90lb black lab) has started carrying a blanket around with him. He grabs it in his mouth and flings it around, but then he drags it over to his bed or the couch and curls up with it. He’s turning into a 3 year old child. :)

  23. We have 2 Golden Retrievers who think they are lap dogs. One loves to swim so it’s always a blast taking her to my parents house to use the pool.

  24. I’ve always had multiple dogs :) My favorite activity is cuddling and scratching bellies. I have 3 small dogs right now and they’re the first small pups I’ve had in years. All three are rescues and Out middle furkid – Peanut – came to us after being a stray for quite a while. He’s an apple head Chihuahua and was down to 4 pounds when we rescued him. We were told to feed him “fattening” food and get his weight up. At that time he was able to jump from the ground up into our Chevy Silverado and end up landing on the console. When he finally reached 7 1/2 – 8 pounds where he needed to be, one night he made his normal charge for our super tall king size bed, I was sitting there watching him and he went to leap, but i guess his extra weight caught up with him and he did a full body plant into the side of our mattress like one of those cartoon dogs, slid down to the floor, stood up and shook himself. He immdiately turned and ran to me on the chair and started whining. Since then I’ve had to buy a small foot stool so he can make it in two leaps to the bed. I laughed so hard that night and I think he knew I was laughing at him. Head up straight, dignified chi butt wagging in a slow walk to the edge of the bed waiting for me to crane him up there :>) A life without my furkids would be a dull life for sure.