My house has very little room in the one-car garage to hold all of my tools and DIY stuff. The additional challenge is that since I won’t live in this house forever, I need to create a space that might also work for the next homeowner (by not creating any permanent fixtures that might prevent them from parking in here).

Over the years, it’s gotten plenty of abuse…

garage before

… and storage has been iffy.

scrap bin

But I’ve added some much-needed organization with a narrow pegboard unit and a temporary lumber rack (made by using free shelf supports I already had).

garage organization
DIY lumber rack with shelf brackets
garage pegboard wall

More upgrades will be added someday soon, such as a charging station for my power tool batteries and a movable lumber cart with room for scrap wood.

For more garage ideas, click here for a full thumbnail page. All garage, all the time. ;)

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