The laundry room is one of my least favorite rooms in the house. Sure, it’s where clean clothes come from, but I really don’t like spending time in this cramped room! The layout is awkwardly shaped, with a narrow hallway that opens slightly further to allow for a washer and dryer side by side. This creates a nook of sorts to the right, and the rear wall also has an odd shelf support permanently built under the window. It was clear that this space would be a challenge, but it’s made some significant strides with new paint, tile, and more.


When I first moved in, the laundry room had a LONG way to go. It was clear there had been previous water/mold damage with the water connection that led to the front porch on the other side of the wall. The one and only shelf was wedged into place, creating a gouge as it came out. This just so happened to match several more dents already in the wall, so I got to work on a few simple repairs first.

laundry room - before-back wall


I painted the window trim and baseboards white and installed a new tile floor just before adding a new high efficiency washer and dryer.

laundry room tile

Next came adding a backsplash using leftover subway tile from the kitchen.

laundry room tile backsplash

Then: some finishing touches, such as crown moldingbuilt-in floating shelves for plenty of open storage, and turning the back shelf into a decorative greenhouse of sorts for lots of cheer and color.

laundry room shelves

With a little more trial and error, some art, and a huge push to get the room finished, it looks brand new!


The big laundry room reveal is here, along with details on the plywood countertop, hand-painted art, and how I cleverly disguise common laundry room cleaning items like detergent (yes, they’re in there!).

modern simple small white laundry room makeover

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