The kitchen may be considered the heart of the home, but in my case, it’s also at the heart of this DIY renovation. When I moved in, EVERYthing needed to be cleaned, upgraded, and replaced in some way. This kitchen renovation has been years in the making. Nearly everything I did in this room was done for the first time, with no prior experience. But sometimes all it takes is a little imagination, discovering some nifty new tools, and some elbow grease.

And sometimes, it also involves throwing tools or crying on the floor in frustration. But I got up and kept going, because that’s what’s important.

Before the kitchen makeover: 1980s brown and yellow

80s style kitchen - before remodel
1980s style brown and yellow ugly kitchen - before renovation

I started by taking out the old appliances and replacing with new. The microwave was then installed over the range, and the cabinets were moved up to accommodate the size I needed and add exhaust. Later, the cabinets were painted in a two-tone style (white uppers, gray lowers), the floor replaced with laminate, and the trim painted white. The countertop was replaced with walnut butcher block, while the sink, window, and faucet got an upgrade as well. I also added a tile backsplash and a DIY striped faux Roman shade to the mix, and things are looking much cleaner, happier, and updated.

Kitchen makeover progress

kitchen after painting cabinets and replacing appliances - white uppers gray lowers - stainless amana appliances - butcher block countertop

white and gray cabinet posts

butcher block counter posts

closeup of butcher block counters and sink with pink and purple hydrangeas

tiled backsplash posts

Kitchen with coffee maker on right side

coffee maker area posts

While there is still more yet to do, such as adding cabinet pulls, crown molding, and more, this room has come a very long way… enough to decorate this Christmas!

Kitchen window at Christmas

christmas kitchen window

Other Key Posts in Kitchen Makeover History:

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