My dining room makeover has come a long way. Much like the rest of the house, it’s evolved over time with my changing design tastes.

Dining room makeover: before

If you’re standing at the front door, the dining room is to the far left corner of the house, accessible through either the kitchen or living room.

When I first bought it, the previous homeowner was using it as her bedroom. It also had a low ceiling fan, dingy ceilings, and heavy curtains that shut out the light.

dining room before

So, you could say I had my work cut out for me turning it back into a dining space. The renovation began with replacing the floor and adding some picture frame molding.

dining room before
dining room picture frame molding

Dining room: progress

The hardest part by far was stripping down the wallpaper and repairing the damaged walls, which led to lots of lessons about what products work for drywall repair and getting things ready for paint.

dining room skim coat
fixed drywall skim coating tips

Then, I chose a bold color for the walls. The room was turning back into a sophisticated space for entertaining!

blue dining room
blue dining room

And after a new light fixture and decor, here’s where we are now!

Dining room: after

copper dining room light

I didn’t just dip a toe into the water with this color – I went for impact with a vibrant blue dining room! And even though I was nervous about how it would come together, the room is finally taking shape. There’s still more to add, like window treatments, more art, crown molding, and a bar area for entertaining, but check out the projects below to get the details on the paint, makeover process, and more for what’s happened so far, get tips, etc.

Granny's custom flower vase painting-dining room

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