Primary bathroom – before

The old version of the bathroom (see listing photo below) left a lot to be desired. The wallpaper was worn and dated, and the linoleum on the floor was yellowed and ugly.

original listing photo - master bathroom

Primary Bathroom – Progress

I did a quick makeover when first moving into the house, painting the floor and cabinet. But while I was in school, my dad decided to “help” me out by going ahead and ripping everything out! And unfortunately, due to a series of mishaps, the bathroom stayed stuck in limbo for years. I had a number of issues with installing new floor tile, having a valve spontaneously link, and more. Eventually, I nicknamed it my “bad luck bathroom” thinking it would never get done. But the real progress finally started when I found the perfect shower tile… worthy of a full-on bathroom upgrade!

removing old shower tile

Primary Bathroom Mood Board

For all the details on the design plan… you should check out this post!

master bathroom mood board - modern white green and chrome accents

Primary Bathroom – Shower Reveal

In all honesty, it turned out even better than I imagined! New tile, a DIY shower curtain, a new shower head and other hardware, soothing artwork, and more details. More posts and details are coming soon as well, such as a great trick for getting crown around the shower tile (without making it look awkward), storage upgrades, and more.

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