Today, I Discovered…


I didn’t realize it was possible to have a crush on a STORE, but I’m smitten.  Check out these beauties.

They have two stores in Atlanta and carry clothing and jewelry in addition to housewares.  Before I step one foot inside the store, I’ll have to find some way to take care of this drool thing.  Want, want, want.

I’m starting to consider my friend Lia’s suggestion – do people really register for housewarming?  My house isn’t ready, but my empty wallet is!


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    Some of it looks a little pricey for me (I'm mostly a Target and Homegoods kind of girl), but for certain statement pieces, I'd be willing to splurge. The curtain I have my eye on is $98. Urban Outfitters has some fun, funky home selections too and are a bit cheaper.

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    Yes! My name made it into your blog :) I absolutely love Anthropologie, but my bank account just can't support it. Keep the posts coming…

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