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If you follow the Ugly Duckling House on Twitter, you may have seen my recent lighting obsession… well, explode. No, I didn’t get hacked. I just can’t get enough of funky pendant lighting and have been posting all of my finds to my Pinterest inspiration board. I’m especially loving lighting that is Moroccan-inspired or Turn-of-the-Century looking (you may recall my swoon fest last month).

If you are in the market for light fixtures and think that $1000+ is a reasonable price tag (you lucky, lucky girl), you may be interested in some of my recent discoveries:

But fear not, champagne tastes/beer budget gals – there are picks for you (and um, me) too. You may even be surprised at which ones are the budget busters and which are more wallet friendly. Go ahead, scoot on over for a peek at some fab lighting inspiration.

Just make sure you wipe the drool off your face when you’re done. That look is only cute on babies.

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  1. I too have been obsessed with lighting lately! Luckily, recently my lighting thirst was quenched with an awesome clearance deal! *squealing loudly* Why aren't more gorg chandeliers on a beer budget?! There is def a market for it!!

  2. Hi Sarah, would you happen to have any ceiling ideas. I’d like to update my balcony ceiling from painted plywood to maybe a stained tongue and groove idea or something similar.

    1. I haven’t finished my front porch ceiling, but I was hoping to do a tongue and groove there similar to how I did with my garage door. It’s hard to find the time lately to create new posts with the full instructions BUT I’m working on a tongue and groove tutorial as we speak. If you sign up for my newsletter, you’ll get notified when that post is available!