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I find it nearly impossible to stay focused on a single task in the house. So when I can’t take the mess anymore, I let go by finding a finishing touch of some kind – usually a pillow, rug, or a piece of art. Lately, I seem to be on a light fixture streak.

It all started with an unexpected discovery at a brief trip to TJ Maxx. Still feeling zero buyer’s remorse. These suckers are staying.

My usual perusing through Pinterest later the same week turned up this photo:

And instantly, it was like a jolt of caffeine:  that white shade would be perfect for the pantry area in the kitchen. An Ikea MÅNLJUS fixture was the next best (and least expensive) thing.

And since two in a row isn’t enough, the stars aligned one more time to let me discover the perfect pick for the hallway. It’s rare to find light fixtures this size that don’t look like gumballs. Or worse yet, boobs.  And not even nice ones. Pale shades with dark bronze nipples. Zombie boobs.  Which makes me wonder, what was the model for these? Rollos?

The only drawback? I needed at least three. Lowes had only one at my store. But luckily their stores keep stock up to date online, so maybe it was a blessing in disguise that I was forced to use the online search tool.

Because when I did, I learned that the store just six miles away sells them for $5 cheaper (plus another 5% on top for using my Lowe’s credit card). For less than $20 apiece, these beauties are worth the trip.

Discover any great buys lately? I’d love to hear ’em!

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  1. That is a LOT of lighting luck, and great fixtures. I usually have to fight a while to find mine, and I've been looking for a couple of pendants or something for the bathroom I'm working on. Pass a little bit of that good luck my way!

  2. I just did a bunch of lighting. Brushed nickel hanging lights over the island, one chandelier over the kitchen table and a couple of lights in the 1/2 bath.

    The online inventory isn't foolproof especially with Home Depot. I had someone do some wall tile for me but needed to get some bull nose ones. The local store didn't have any so I checked online and went to another store. No one could find it.
    Then my contractor stopped at a store that supposedly had it. Even after getting some managers/etc. they didn't find it. He wasn't happy.

    HD certainly isn't as efficient as Fedex in tracking/finding things.

    Good luck

  3. I sure would not mind these lighting fixture in my own home. Pass some of that luck my way! Great find indeed.

  4. I used to like more traditional lighting fixtures but my tastes have moved more towards modern. This page pretty much sums up what I'm looking for in my own home.

  5. Awesome looking fixtures. I have had inventory issues with both Lowes and Home Depot. You absolutely must give them a call before relying on their site for in stock items. Even then though, not all of the associates I have spoken with on the phone are very knowledgeable about the stock and inventory that they carry. :/