desert cross stitch pattern

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New month, new pattern! This simple and easy color block – done paint-by-numbers-style – cross stitch pattern would look great as a piece of art on any wall!

desert cross stitch pattern

I’ve done mountains, I’ve done camp scenes, and now, we have a desert! I am really enjoying that each month, I am able to challenge myself to try out different themes for these cross stitch patterns. This time around, as you can see above, I’ve got a simple little desert with cactuses (cacti? I’m tired), a blue sky, and all of the relaxation vibes.

And not only that, but as of this past month, I’ve finally finally (finally!) created a simple beginner guide for how to cross stitch. I wanted to create a flashy tutorial with video, detailed photos, and lots of helpful tips, launch it all over social media, etc. but it was one of those things on my to-do list that kept snowballing. I felt the pressure to do all the things… which meant I kept shoving it to the bottom of my priority list because I didn’t have time for all of that. Despite how often I tell myself that “done is better than perfect,” I fall into the trap every now and then. So, imperfect as it is, I’ve now got something to show for all of that intent. I’m calling it my “quick start guide” since “a complete beginner’s guide” felt a little more disingenuous (which won’t always be the case — I do want to continue to work on that post here and there to add more as I get the opportunity). If you’ve never done cross stitch before but wanted to give it a try, you can begin right here and give it a shot. Now, onto this month’s pattern!

About this Desert Cross Stitch Pattern

  • Designed for 14 count Aida
  • Full counted cross stitches only
  • DMC floss colors: 13
  • Size: approximately 9.6 in. x 5.7 in. (24.3 cm x 14.5 cm)
  • 134 x 80 stitches


P.S. Speaking of cacti: based on how popular last year’s cactus pattern was, I’m also working on a series of patterns with that theme! Much like the donut patterns, botanical line art, and leaf series, I’ll likely release one pattern of the set for free, and then the rest will be available as part of my membership program when that launches. <sigh> yet another thing I’m trying to get launched! (Gee, I really come up with lots of ideas when I spend all day with a baby and don’t have as much time for actual execution, eh?)

Note: Free cross stitch patterns are available for a limited time only based on publish date (right now the time limit is about 2 years and subject to change if this proves to be too difficult to maintain). They are then moved into the Membership Vault and accessible to Cross Stitch Club Members only. So, you may see some previously free patterns on this site that have now been moved to the vault. Please do not email me about your frustrations of not getting access to older free patterns; it’s partly because of the volume of emails that I needed to reevaluate and put some restrictions on the time commitment to continue providing patterns for free.

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