DIY wood and leather boho ornaments

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Hey friends — got another #25DIYsofChristmas project for you today: these boho-inspired wood and leather tassel ornaments!

DIY wood and leather boho ornaments

If you are new here (hi!) as part of the Mixed Media Challenge or didn’t catch my last two posts (here and here), I’m doing a HUGE push this year to make 25 DIYs for the holidays from decor to gifts to recipes. As part of this challenge to myself and the mixed media challenge, I’m trying to work in a few materials I haven’t used before into these projects (aluminum! acrylic! clay! concrete!). Today, I’ve decided to add LEATHER.

wood and leather ornament set

I spotted this great camel-colored leather at the craft store as I was grabbing some ribbon for my tree, and I was instantly inspired to make ornaments with it. I thought pale wood and leather tassels might make a good combo, but I figured out the shapes for everything else as I went:

How to Make these Boho Wood and Leather Tassel Ornaments

Time needed: 1 day

These easy wood and leather DIY ornaments make a great addition to neutral or boho-inspired Christmas tree decor.

  1. Cut small squares of wood

    I had some scrap 1/2″ thick poplar, so I cut 2-2 1/2″ squares for this project. You can make as many ask you like, but I made 6 squares total.

  2. Mark ends and centers

    Using a random container I had at the house, I used the rounded corners and straight edge as follows: 2 small squares with rounded corners; 2 small squares with 1cm cut off each corner (octagonal shape); 2 larger squares with rounded corners and centers marked. To mark the centers, I just ran a pencil mark along the straight edge from corner to corner, so it crossed in the middle and marked my center.criss cross corners to mark the center of an object

  3. Sand corners and surfaces

    Using the disc sander and orbital sander, I rounded off the corners and sanded down everything to prep for stain. I also drilled a hole in the middle of the 2 bigger ornaments using a 1-1/4″ Forstner bit.drill hole through the middle of the ornament

  4. Stain

    I stained all pieces using Varathane White Wash stain.stain all pieces with varathane white wood stain

  5. Drill holes at the top and bottom

    To make room for the leather strap and tassel, I drilled holes at the top and bottom of each ornament. Tip: start with a small drill bit to center the hole and gradually increase the bit size until it’s large enough; trying to drill with a single large bit might slip more.drill holes at the top and bottom of each ornament

  6. How to make a leather tassel

    This step is maybe more complex than the others, but it’s actually very easy! To make a tassel, I wrapped a leather cord around my hand 7 times and then slipped a longer piece (just a few inches) through the top. then, I cut the loop on the bottom and wrapped and glued another cord around the top loop (just a few inches). I slipped the end of the cord underneath to keep it secure, but if it ever comes loose, I’ll add a little bit of glue. With the tassel complete, I inserted the end into the bottom hole of each ornament and glued them into place. Tip: wetting the cord helps to get the bends out from the packaging, and tying another knot at the top (after the tassel is done) makes it easier to to make leather tassels with ease

  7. Create a top loop

    I knotted more leather cord for the top holes on each ornament to make a loop for the ornament to hang on the tree. A little dab of superglue holds it in place.cut loops for ornaments to hang and glue into ornament

  8. Cut and glue leather

    For the smaller rounded ornaments, I cut out triangular shapes in a piece of leather and glued them to both sides of the ornaments. Done!cut and glue leather to ornaments

Since making the carved ornament set last year, I am glad this has become a DIY tradition (I suppose 2 years in a row doesn’t exactly count, but I intend to do it again, so we’ll go ahead and call it that!). I have one more ornament idea for the year that I’d still like to do, but it’s more complex and I don’t know if I’ll have time with all of the other projects going on! There’s definitely more of 25 DIYs of Christmas yet to come, but if you’re looking for more ideas RIGHT NOW, be sure to check out the other bloggers who are participating in this mixed media challenge below!

Mixed Media DIY Challenge

full set of diy leather and wood ornaments

25 DIYs of Christmas

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  1. Sarah,

    Your wood and leather ornaments are so clever. I love projects that use up scraps!

    It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I’m really leaning toward the octagon shaped one.



  2. Though, I’m late to comment on this page but better late than never. Exactly, it’s a wow idea. I love it, SARAH. Not only this ornament but all of your other DIY ideas also excellent. Like the DIY wooden gift cardholder, the way you did it is really mind-boggling. Thanks for sharing such smart wood craving ideas wilt all of us.